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Time for a Horror Movie Review of the 70’s Classic CARRIE.  It came out in 1976 directed by Brian de Palma, and was the first of what I like to call “Scary Loner” Horror Movies.  This where we witness the trials of society’s outcasts through their eyes and gather empathy for the social misfits.  CARRIE is one of the greatest examples of this type of Horror Film.

The Movie starts at Bates High School, shy little Carrie White, Played by Sissy Spacek, is taking a shower after gym class and notices she is bleeding from her first period.  Her mother never told her about this so she thinks something is seriously wrong with her.  She pleads to the other girls for help but they mock her and pelt her with tampons saying “plug it up.”  Finally Ms. Collins played by Betty Buckley, comes to help Carrie by calming her down and sending the other girls away.  Carrie is dismissed from school for the rest of the day, but the stress has caused her latent telekinetic powers to manifest themselves with bursting light bulbs, flipping ashtrays and even knocking over a neighborhood brat on his bicycle.

At home Carrie’s mother, played by Piper Laurie, is a religious zealot who believes that Carrie’s incident is a curse from sin, not a natural occurence.  She locks Carrie in a closet to pray for forgiveness.  Carrie has no one to turn to with her problems at school or at home, so she accepts her sad fate.

The next day her fellow classmate Sue, played by Amy Irving, realizes how sad a life poor Carrie lives and decides to help her become more popular.  Sue makes her boyfriend ask Carrie to the prom, but Ms. Collins believes it to be a prank.  Sue explains herself and admits that she won’t be attending prom this year.  She tells her she feels bad after how she treated Carrie in the shower and wants to make it up to her.  Ms. Collins tells Sue that if she does anything to hurt Carrie she will be punished severely.

Ms. Collins holds detention for all the girls who tormented Carrie and makes endure long exercise drills and threatens to suspend them from school and prom if they do not participate.    Chris Hargensen, played by Nancy Allen, is the leader of the girls and after being slapped and banned from the prom for disobedience vows revenge on Carrie White.  Chris plans to get revenge by humiliating Carrie in front of the whole school.  She will need Carrie to win prom queen for this to happen and plans to rig the votes with her help from best friend Norma Watson, played by P. J. Soles, who is on the prom committee.

Chris then gets her no good boyfriend Billy Nolan, played by John Travolta to find a way to get Carrie soaked in blood.  Billy decides to slaughter a pig and collect all the blood and place it in a bucket high above the stage at prom to pour over Carrie when she wins.

Despite her Mother’s protest Carrie does eventually attend the prom.  She slowly turns from sullen wallflower to happy student as she is treated kindly by those at the prom.  Sue tries to sneak in without a date to see how things are going for Carrie.  Ms. Collins believes she is there to cause mischief and removes her from the dance as Sue sees the string tied to the bucket of blood at the top of the stage.

Carrie is of course awarded prom queen, and Chris then pulls the string covering Carrie in blood.  Carrie flips out and imagines everyone laughing at her covered in blood.  Her mother’s voice keeps running through her head, of how they will all laugh at her and with her telekinetic powers kills everyone at the prom and burning the whole school down.  Chris and Billy who were actually outside the school when Carrie flipped out survive and try to make their way home.  They spot Carrie walking home and try to run her down with their car, but she flips it with her mind and kills them both.  She then continues her slow creepy walk back to her home the only safe place she has ever known.

At home Carrie walks up to her room, and runs a bath.  She takes off her blood drenched prom dress and climbs into the bath.  Carrie finally cries in the bath, the first emotion she shows after the ordeal other than rage.  She now returns to the vulnerable little girl we knew from the beginning of the film and not the silent, big-eyed psychotic mad women from just moments before in the movie.

Carrie eventually gets all the blood off, and puts on her night-gown.  She goes to her mother for comfort, who holds her near her heart.  Carrie’s mother believes Carrie is now possessed by the devil and tries to kill her with a knife.  Carrie barely escapes from her, by rolling down the stares but her mother chases after her determined to kill her.  Carrie’s last effort is to cause all the utensils in the kitchen to fly at her mother killing her similar to a statue she has of Christ on the cross.  Carrie’s power goes out of control tearing apart everything in the house.  she takes her mother with her into the closet where she has prayed so many times before as the entire house collapses around them.

At the end of the movie, Sue is the only survivor of the prom, and goes to Carrie’s lonely grave to place flowers on it.  Suddenly a bloody hand tears out of the ground to drag Sue down to hell.  Sue wakes up to find the hand and the grave were all just a nightmare.

CARRIE is one of my favorite movies of all time, because I relate with Carrie White so much in the movie.  I certainly was not popular in high school and dealt with an abusive mother back at home as well.  When bad things happen you feel like you have nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help.  Luckily like in the movie a teacher took notice of me as well and helped me become a part of the theatre crowd.  Another thing I Love about this movie is how when she gets soaked in the pig’s blood she turns from helpless victim to rampaging monster in the blink of an eye.  This is another Horror Movie i suggest that if you haven’t seen it, watch it.  If you already have seen it, watch it again because classics like this reveal more every time you watch it.