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I Thought it would be about time for me to review what I believe to be The Greatest Horror Movie ever made THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  A Young Director with an inexperienced cast and a minimal budget in the summer of 1973 created a Horror masterpiece.  Though Banned in Many Countries when it premiered in 1974 it is now considered to be one of the prime Examples of American Horror Films.

There are Many reason’s why this film is considered so good by so many, but the first would be the title.  There is No Horror Movie with a Descriptive a Title as THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  Also because so much of its initial buzz was a spread by word of mouth throughout the Drive Ins of America, Everyone was asking each other “Have you seen THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE?”  Those who hadn’t made sure they did just after Hearing The Title.

The Second reason is it’s such a superb Film!!  The Realism and Terror the Film Projects have Rarely been Captured as well as in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  The Equally believable performances by the villains Gunnar Hansen, Ed Neal and Jim Siedow and The Victims Marilyn Burns, Teri McMinn and William Vail were equally Outstanding.  You have a cannibal in a Human flesh Mask slaughtering people with a chainsaw, a sledgehammer and suspending them up on meat hooks, and You Never doubt that what you’re seeing is Real.  In Fact from the very beginning of the Movie Itself from John Larroquette introduction tells you that this is a true story.  However like Tobe Hooper has commented, this was supposed to take place in the summer of 1973, which is the same time as they were filming this movie, so It Couldn’t have been true.  There is Truth behind the fact that Leatherface is a spinoff take of Ed Gein but that is the Only Basis the Movie has in reality, None of this was True.

The final reason why THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is the Greatest Horror Movie Ever Made is The Hype and Legend it has Created around the World.  Now like I said earlier, None of the Movie is true accounts of any murders in Texas but The Film makes you believe that it is an it did happen just like that.  I have lived here in Texas my whole life and I have heard from Multiple people from One side of this State to Another say that they have a “cousin” who is an inmate with or a guard over the real Leatherface sitting on Death Row.  I Guess the Guy has a Life Sentence on Death Row because I heard that for Over 30 Years and they’ve never seemed to kill his sorry ass.  Lets Not Forget where this is supposed to take place people.  If Leatherface was caught in Texas he wouldn’t have lived on Death Row to see the Sequel come out in the Mid 80’s.  In Fact Texas Kills Most notorious Killers Before they can even get to see the inside of a Courtroom much less a Prison Cell, examples Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Whitman, Bonnie & Clyde.  In fact The hype has at Times Over shadowed the Truth as people have Mentioned to me about the Locations of the Filming of the Movie being Actual crime scene locations.  I remember a good friend telling me they moved the actual slaughterhouse from near Bastrop to Austin and it’s true but it’s the film location, not where anything actually happened like in The Amityville Horror.

There are Many Reasons Why I and Many Others think THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is the Greatest horror Movie ever made, but You will have to Watch it and decide for Yourself.  Keep in Mind the Influence that this Movie has made on the Entire Industry and The Pains taking Hours that the Cast and Crew went into making this Great Work of Art.  Like 27 Hour filming of the Dinner Scene in 125 degree temp, Let me say that Again, 27 HOUR FILMING OF THE DINNER SCENE IN 125 DEGREE TEMPERATURE!  I feel that the feeling they put into it made the movie that much more believable, and that’s why so many still think it’s a true story.



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In case you Missed this, It was a Direct-to-Video Release in 2008 Directed by Steven Goldmann and writen by Timothy Dolan.  I Beleive this to be one of the Most Entertaining Horror Movies to come out in the Last 5 Years.

The Story is Based on the Imperium Comic of the same Name.  It’s a poor white trash trailer park woman named Norma (Nichole Hiltz) and her Tragic life of Abuse, Murder and Suicide.  Her Soul is Condemned to spend an Enternity with the other Wretched Residents of the Damned Trailer Park, after making a deal with the devil (Trace Adkins).

Now a Band of Troubled Teens and their Youth Minister stumble apon them in the middle of a rain storm on a dark night.  One by One they are Visciously murdered by Norma and the other Loust Souls!!  Can Anyone make it out alive?  You’ll have to watch and see for yourself.

This Movie has Plenty of Gore, Death scenes and Red-Neck Humor to keep anyone entertained no matter where you’re from in the world.  This is Great to watch alone, but Even Better Laughing along with Your Friends.  Rent this from Netflix or if you can find it for less than $10 buy it!!  I give it **** out of 5 Stars.


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 Alright I Hosted a Quick MANIACS OF HORROR DRIVE IN/STAY HOME EVENT Featuring THE GIANT GILA MONSTER. This was My Last Night to Host the MOH DRIVE IN/STAY HOME EVENT because Now I’m Turning the Keys of the Drive In Over to JILL THE HELBOUND HEART. There will be Plenty of More MOH DRIVE IN/STAY HOME in the Future and I will be attending Most of them. I’m just giving Jill the Option to Pick the Movies and the Time.

So, as for the Review, THE GIANT GILA MONSTER is a Late 50’s B-Rate Cult Classic. Now Even though this Movie had Much Success at The Drive Ins, that is not where I saw it. I saw this for the 1st time at My Grandmothers House of All places. Now keep in Mind there was 70 Years difference between My Grandmother and Myself, and Through the Whole Movie she kept complaining about how Stupid Modern Movies were not knowing that this Movie even then was a 25 Years Old Black White Rerun Played on a UHF Station on Sunday Afternoon. Hahaha

Despite my Grandmothers Complaints about the Movie I Liked it. It made me think of what my Father’s Life was like when he was a Teenager in the Late 50’s in Southern New Mexico, Particularly the Main Character CHASE.
Like Most of The Giant Creature Movies, or the Sci-Fi Phenomenon Desert Movies the Main story is about the Simple Life that the Small town locals Live In. There is Not a Lot of GIANT GILA MONSTER scenes and when it shown it not doing a Whole lot. He Tears down a Railroad Bridge and goes back to Eat the Screaming passengers, but they don’t show him Eating anything. (Probably didn’t want to harm the Real Gila Monster with Biting Plastic Model People.) Theres a Few Humorous Scenes about the Town drunk, and the Big City Disc Jockey who also ended up There after too much Alcohol. They didn’t find the Consumption of Alcohol I guess Taboo back then. Theres not much of Star Quality in this Movie, but everyone handles their Part respectfully. The Finally was CHASE taking some nitroglycerin Jars in his Hot Rod and Crashing Straight into the GIANT GILA MONSTER. I Know Not Every Maniac would enjoy this Feature, but I have Been wanting to see it again. Thanks for Anyone who watched this, and I hope you get a Chance to Attend More MANIACS OF HORROR DRIVE IN/STAY HOME EVENTS.!/event.php?eid=185312114838086&index=1


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For a long time I didn’t know the name of this movie. My sister and brother watched this movie when I was a young boy in the early 80’s. I grew up enthused with Horror Movies and knew more about them than most of my friends. However I wasn’t supposed to watch this one because I kept my parents awake with my TCM nightmares just a few years earlier.

 So as my siblings watched this thinking I was asleep, I snuck in and hid behind a couch and watched it.  A few years ago I posted this at MANIACS OF HORROR on Myspace when I was trying to find out its name. A member from across the pond (England) knew it from the few scenes I could remember and told me the name. I eventually left Myspace, started MOH on Facebook, helped a few others find their forgotten movies, and This weekend the Horror Gods smiled upon me. At my local video store, There it was on a combo disc with TWICE DEAD. I have been waiting almost 30 years to see this again, and it was worth it.

Now I’m not saying this is as good as THE SHINING or CARRIE, but If You love 70’s Horror as much as I do, then you will enjoy this movie. It is about psychologist C.J. Arnold played by Richard Crenna and his wife Caroline played by Joanna Pettet buy a rundown mansion in hopes of turning it into a Drug Rehabilitation Center. The doctor brings in a few of students and current patients to help restore it, and bizarre things begin to happen.

The wife is continuously visited by the ghost of the former owner as the husband finds a strange door buried in the ground. He opens the door and releases “The Evil” into the house that traps them all inside and murders them one by one. This was released in the late 70’s so there’s more dialogue than in our modern Horror Movies, but unlike THE AMITYVILLE HORROR there are still a lot of Death scenes with people even bursting into flames. The finale is my favorite where they actually come face to Face with The Devil himself for a showdown. I would say this Horror Movie is on the same level as THE FOG and PHANTASM. It is Released by SHOUT FACTORY on a ROGER CORMAN’S CULT CLASSIC DOUBLE FEATURE with TWICE DEAD from 1988. Look for it and Buy it if you can find it. I give it **** out of 5 Stars.


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I Recently purchased this from Movie Trading Company on the 4 Movies for $20 deal, and it was a good buy. The movie was very dark and disturbing but the story seemed a bit jumbled. To me it seemed the writer had 3 different Horror Movie Stories he/she couldn’t write and ending for and threw them all into this film.

It starts off like JOY RIDE with a Young couple driving home from a vacation on a highway at night. To make up some time they fall into a convoy of a semi and another car. Like Many Horror Movies they decide to travel a back road to avoid traffic congestion on the highway. Of Course Bad Things happen on that Backroad, but I don’t want to spoil too much of this for you.
The next scene is a Babysitter Slasher Movie like HALLOWEEN, Where a young woman watches over her 2 Young cousins. She is confused when the high school babysitter was already gone before she arrived to watch the boys. Then there is strange noises heard upstairs while she’s down in the living room. She goes upstairs to investigate but only finds The Creepiest Clown Room you’ve Ever Seen. Again this scene is very suspenseful and creepy, but I don’t want to give too much away.
Then the Movie goes into a House of Horrors feel like PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS when another young woman waits for her friend outside a huge Boarding House. When she asks to see her at the Door a behind the Peephole tells her all the Rooms are Full and goes away. She talks her boyfriend into going inside and looking for her friend, but When he doesn’t return she is forced to sneak in herself. Waiting for her inside is not only her friend, but a Terror like she has never imagined.
The overall story is about 3 childhood friends, the young women from each of the setups, are abducted later in life by a mentally disturbed classmate who emotionally and physically abuses them in his Giant Labyrinth of Terror. There re a few holes in the story, like how a mental patient can afford such an extravagant labyrinth, that are never answered. Still this is certainly not a bad movie, just a little confusing. I would say that it is worth renting and if you can find it for $5 or less buy it. I give it *** out of 5 Stars.


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My Wife Crystal Brought this Home from Redbox and it was a Pleasant Find. It’s a Lionsgate Ghosthouse Production which is a Descent Suggestion that it will be a Good Movie. If You want a Brief Synopsis I would call it THE HILLS HAVE EYES in NYC Subway or WRONG TURN meets THE WARIORS.

The Story is 4 men at the End of a Bachelor Party ride the Subway with 2 Strippers. They Mistakenly get Off the Train at an Abandoned Terminal, and the Conductor Unknowingly Leaves them There. They Find the Exit is Chained and Locked. Their Only Option is to Walk down the Tunnels to the Next Terminal. One of the Members of the Bachelor party and a Stripper stay behind to make Out. Typical Horror Movie Scenario.
Now Like I said, this is a Kind of Hills Have Eyes twist to it, While they are walking Down in the Tunnels They Run across a Band of Cannibal Vagrants. There’s a Lot of Shakey Camera work During the Action Scenes, So If that Annoys You Don’t Watch This One. Still Descent Story, Good suspense and character Thinking through out The Film. Except When the Group came Stumbling upon All the Bad Guys Weapons and LEFT THEM THERE. Now What do we the MANIACS OF HORROR do when we Come across Our Enemies weapons? WE TAKE THEM. Even if We can’t Use them Don’t let them Keep Them.
I would give this Movie 21/2 *’s out of 5*’s. Very Enjoyable movie, interesting plot, but the action scenes were a little too chaotic!! It was hard to tell what exactly was Going on during those scenes. I would definitely recommend Renting and if you can find it for $5 I would buy it.