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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Movie Review

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Hey there Maniacs, It’s Time for another Horror Movie Review.  This time it’s a review for the Greatest Sequel in my Opinion THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2. This Classic came out in 1986, a Quarter of a Century Ago!  Tobe Hooper actually decided to do this one Over 10 Years after the original, and though it changed a bit of the mood adding humor, I beleive it kept all of the Terror.  This was my first  introduction of 2 of My favorite Horror Icons Bill Moseley and the Beautiful Caroline Williams.  Jim Siedow was the only original cast to return as his role as The Cook whom, whom we find out is named Drayton Sawyer.  The Great Tom Savini signed on to do the Special effects and Bill Johnson was cast to play Leatherface.

The movie starts off following Caroline Williams Character Stretch the radio DJ.  She works in a north Texas Radio Station and it’s the annual Red River Shoot Out, which is the University of Texas Longhorns versuses the University of Oklahoma Sooners during the Texas State Fair.  Stretch takes a call from a couple of kids on their way to the game who happen to get Slaughtered on the air by Leatherface.  The 2 boys are obviously drunk and are shown forcing a pick up truck off the road in a game of chicken.  A short time later on an abondoned bridge  they run into the truck again. This time the truck drives next to them and a cadaver emerges from the bed of the pick up.  It pulls out a chainsaw as the 2 vehicles tear down the road. (Funny note, it’s shown to only be like a half mile bridge but this seen goes on for several minutes.) One of the boys shoots at the corpses and reveals that it is Leatherface as he saws the drivers head in half. The car crashes and kills the passenger. 

Lieutenant Lefty Enright , former Texas Ranger played by Dennis Hopper investigates the accident and then talks to Stretch about what she heard or knows about the crime. He convinces her to play the audio again in an attempt to lead the killers out.  It does and we get introduced to Bill Moseley’s character Chop Top, one of the creepiest villians to ever grace the silver screen.  Chop Top meets up with Stretch alone at the station in the middle of the night, saying he’s “A far out Fan!”  She doesn’t beleive him and desperately tries to rush him out the door.  He continuely heats a wire hanger with a lighter and sticks it to his head and licks it, as she hurriedly gives him a tour of the station which leads to the exit.  Chop Top almost leaves then returns and flips on the light to the back room with Leatherface in it. He cahrges out and cuts Chop Top in the head sparking off his skull plate. (Chop Top is supposed to be Edwin Neal’s character The Hitchiker from the original who has a skull plate from being run over by the truck at the end.)  Leatherface chases after stretch and is eventually seduced by her to spare her life.  Chop Top beats Stretch’s co-worker L.G. with a hammer when he returns to the studio.  Leatherface returns to Chop Top and makes him beleive he killed Stretch. The 2 then leave with L.G.’s body. 

Stretch then gets a wild idea that she can’t let them escape, and follows after Leatherface and Chop Top Back to their leir, a wild amusement park museum of some sort that the family has made into their slaughter house home.  Stretch falls deep into the lair from a collapsed whol on the outside that leads to the slaughter pen.  In there she runs across Leatherface again who is still infactuated with her and tries to hide her from the others by placing her friends severed bloody face over her own. and leaves her tied up in the pen.  We find out L.G. is not dead and he lifts up and helps Stretch escape even though he’s had his face and chest removed before he dies.

In the leir, we’re reintroduced to Jim Siedow’s (The only original cast member) character Drayton Sawyer more as we see he’s still in charge of the family. He was shown earlier in the movie winning a chili cook off, but now we find out it’s human meat he’s been serving. He spots Stretch sneaking around the leir and pursues her making Leatherface decide between the saw or her.  He then deliver’s the classic line that “The Saw is Family!” However this whole time Lefty Enright is still in persuit of them.

Lefty comes armed with chainsaws of his own and eventually gets in a battle with Leatherface himself after slowly taking the place apart peice by peice.  Stretch is brought before grandpa just like in the original, but she escapes and is pursued by Chop Top.  Lefty cuts Drayton and Leatherface both before Drayton pulls the pin on a grenade he keeps with him. Chop Top chases stretch to the top of a giant fake mountain where an altar to Grandma is kept with a Chainsaw in her lap. Stretch gets the Chainsaw and eventually after multiple slashes across her back fires it up and kills Chop Top.

If it’s been more than a year since you’ve seen this classic I suggest you watch it again.  You will be highly entertained.


POLTERGEIST Horror Movie Classic Review

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This is a Horror Movie Review of One of the Greatest Ghost Movies of All Time, POLTERGEIST.  Steven Speilberg and Tobe Hooper dorected this Classic in 1982.  I’m sure most of us Maniacs of Horror have grown up knowing this so well they can quote most of the movie with lines like “They’re here.” “Go towards the light, All are welcome.” and “This house is Clean.”  No Need Preaching this Great one up any more, Lets get to it.

 The movie starts with realtor Steve Freeling, played by Craig T. Nelson, movieng his family into a newly built suburban neighborhood with his wife Diane, played by JoBeth Williams.  Everything seems normal unti; one night their daughter Carol Anne, played by Heather O’Rourke, starts conversing with a signed off television.  The next night Carol Anne while sleeping with her parnets again notices something try to talk to her through the tv.  This time many spirits can be seen flowing out of the television and into the wall as the whole house shakes like a mild earthquake.  The parents are shaken awake as Carol Anne exclaims “They’re here.”

Mild paranormal activity contiues to happen for the enxt few days with chairs being randomly staked and a certain place on the kitchen floor that drags things from one area to another.  The family isn’t frightened at first, but the activity intinsifies.

One night Carol Anne’s Brother Robbie, played by Oliver Robins, is continuely frightened by a gnarled tree outside his window.  The tree gets possessed by an evil spirit and actually becomes animated as it breaks through the window trying to devour the young boy.  The entire family is woken up from the camossion and rushes to Robbie’s rescue.  Unfortunately this is all a deversion to kidnap Carol Anne and transport her to another dimension through a portal in her closet.  The family finds this out when they come back in and find her missing, but hear her voice crying out from the television.

The family becomes distraught by the abduction of Carol Anne and send un a team of parapsychologists lead by Dr. Lesh, played by Beatrice Straight, to help them.  After a little investigation they find out that the family isn’t plagued by one ghost but a whole bunch of them.  Steve finds out from his boss that their home was built where an old cemetary used to be located.  The team of parapsychologists suggest that the remianing children Robbie and Dana, played by Dominique Dunne, should be sent away for their own safety.  They then suggest that spiritual medium Tangina Barrons, played by Zelda Rubinstein, should be brought in to retrieve Carol Anne.  They have never witnessed anything of this magnitude.

Tangina tells the family that the spirits seen around the house are souls trapped between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead and they must pass through the light to reach the other side.  She tells them there’s someone else there with Carol Anne, a demon under the guise of a child, known to us as the beast.  He uses Carol Anne to confuse the other spirits and keep them trapped between realms.

Tangina decides the only way the will be able to retrieve Carol Anne is to actually enter this other realm and grab her.  She locates the entrance to the portal in the children’s closet and the exit of the portal is on the ceiling of the living room.  They throw a rope through the holes and strap Diane on to it to enter the realm and get Carol Anne.

Steve holds one end of the rope to bring the both of them back, but the beast frightens him and causes him to let go.  Miraculously Diane and Carol Anne fall through the exit on the ceiling in the living room unconscious but still alive.  Tangina say all the spirits have left the house, they passed to the other side.  She then gives the Timeless Line “this house is clean.”

The family goes back to living their normal lives the way they did before all the paranormal activity occured.  Except now they plan to move to a new home.  On their last night Diane is home alone with Robbie and Carol Anne.

The Beast makes one last attempt to capture Carol Anne.  Diane eventually rescues the children, but corpses and coffins fly up from the ground as they try to escape the house.  Steve returns home to help them and realizes that his company only moved the tombstones not the graves or bodies when they relocated it.  He gathers his family and leaves just as the house implodes on itself.  They then go to the nearest hotel, walk in and toss out the television as the movie ends.

There isn’t much I can say about this Perfect Horror Classic that hasn’t already been said or would do the film justice.  I can only suggest that you make it a point to watch this in your near future.  Wether you have seen it a thousand times or just now, you will love it.


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Time for a Horror Movie Review of the 70’s Classic CARRIE.  It came out in 1976 directed by Brian de Palma, and was the first of what I like to call “Scary Loner” Horror Movies.  This where we witness the trials of society’s outcasts through their eyes and gather empathy for the social misfits.  CARRIE is one of the greatest examples of this type of Horror Film.

The Movie starts at Bates High School, shy little Carrie White, Played by Sissy Spacek, is taking a shower after gym class and notices she is bleeding from her first period.  Her mother never told her about this so she thinks something is seriously wrong with her.  She pleads to the other girls for help but they mock her and pelt her with tampons saying “plug it up.”  Finally Ms. Collins played by Betty Buckley, comes to help Carrie by calming her down and sending the other girls away.  Carrie is dismissed from school for the rest of the day, but the stress has caused her latent telekinetic powers to manifest themselves with bursting light bulbs, flipping ashtrays and even knocking over a neighborhood brat on his bicycle.

At home Carrie’s mother, played by Piper Laurie, is a religious zealot who believes that Carrie’s incident is a curse from sin, not a natural occurence.  She locks Carrie in a closet to pray for forgiveness.  Carrie has no one to turn to with her problems at school or at home, so she accepts her sad fate.

The next day her fellow classmate Sue, played by Amy Irving, realizes how sad a life poor Carrie lives and decides to help her become more popular.  Sue makes her boyfriend ask Carrie to the prom, but Ms. Collins believes it to be a prank.  Sue explains herself and admits that she won’t be attending prom this year.  She tells her she feels bad after how she treated Carrie in the shower and wants to make it up to her.  Ms. Collins tells Sue that if she does anything to hurt Carrie she will be punished severely.

Ms. Collins holds detention for all the girls who tormented Carrie and makes endure long exercise drills and threatens to suspend them from school and prom if they do not participate.    Chris Hargensen, played by Nancy Allen, is the leader of the girls and after being slapped and banned from the prom for disobedience vows revenge on Carrie White.  Chris plans to get revenge by humiliating Carrie in front of the whole school.  She will need Carrie to win prom queen for this to happen and plans to rig the votes with her help from best friend Norma Watson, played by P. J. Soles, who is on the prom committee.

Chris then gets her no good boyfriend Billy Nolan, played by John Travolta to find a way to get Carrie soaked in blood.  Billy decides to slaughter a pig and collect all the blood and place it in a bucket high above the stage at prom to pour over Carrie when she wins.

Despite her Mother’s protest Carrie does eventually attend the prom.  She slowly turns from sullen wallflower to happy student as she is treated kindly by those at the prom.  Sue tries to sneak in without a date to see how things are going for Carrie.  Ms. Collins believes she is there to cause mischief and removes her from the dance as Sue sees the string tied to the bucket of blood at the top of the stage.

Carrie is of course awarded prom queen, and Chris then pulls the string covering Carrie in blood.  Carrie flips out and imagines everyone laughing at her covered in blood.  Her mother’s voice keeps running through her head, of how they will all laugh at her and with her telekinetic powers kills everyone at the prom and burning the whole school down.  Chris and Billy who were actually outside the school when Carrie flipped out survive and try to make their way home.  They spot Carrie walking home and try to run her down with their car, but she flips it with her mind and kills them both.  She then continues her slow creepy walk back to her home the only safe place she has ever known.

At home Carrie walks up to her room, and runs a bath.  She takes off her blood drenched prom dress and climbs into the bath.  Carrie finally cries in the bath, the first emotion she shows after the ordeal other than rage.  She now returns to the vulnerable little girl we knew from the beginning of the film and not the silent, big-eyed psychotic mad women from just moments before in the movie.

Carrie eventually gets all the blood off, and puts on her night-gown.  She goes to her mother for comfort, who holds her near her heart.  Carrie’s mother believes Carrie is now possessed by the devil and tries to kill her with a knife.  Carrie barely escapes from her, by rolling down the stares but her mother chases after her determined to kill her.  Carrie’s last effort is to cause all the utensils in the kitchen to fly at her mother killing her similar to a statue she has of Christ on the cross.  Carrie’s power goes out of control tearing apart everything in the house.  she takes her mother with her into the closet where she has prayed so many times before as the entire house collapses around them.

At the end of the movie, Sue is the only survivor of the prom, and goes to Carrie’s lonely grave to place flowers on it.  Suddenly a bloody hand tears out of the ground to drag Sue down to hell.  Sue wakes up to find the hand and the grave were all just a nightmare.

CARRIE is one of my favorite movies of all time, because I relate with Carrie White so much in the movie.  I certainly was not popular in high school and dealt with an abusive mother back at home as well.  When bad things happen you feel like you have nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help.  Luckily like in the movie a teacher took notice of me as well and helped me become a part of the theatre crowd.  Another thing I Love about this movie is how when she gets soaked in the pig’s blood she turns from helpless victim to rampaging monster in the blink of an eye.  This is another Horror Movie i suggest that if you haven’t seen it, watch it.  If you already have seen it, watch it again because classics like this reveal more every time you watch it.

PHANTASM Movie review

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Most of us MANIACS OF HORROR  Remember when and where we saw PHANTASM for the First time.  For me it was a good while after it came out in the mid 80’s on a VHS tape I rented from my neighborhood Video Store.  I got frightened by The Tall Man and the creepy little Dwarves scurrying around the graveyard and I have been hooked ever since.

The plot of the movie is Jody Pearson is raising his younger brother Mike, played by A. Michael Baldwin, after their parents died.  Mike is worried his older brother will leave him, so he follows him everywhere.  When Jody attends the funeral for one of his high school friends, Mike sneaks into the cemetery sees the Creepy Tall Man, who is played by Angus Scrimm, display unnatural strength by lifting the casket by himself and tossing into the hearse.  that startles Mike but then some tiny hooded dwarves pop up around the cemetery and he jumps on his dirt bike and hauls ass.

Mike tells his brother what happened, but Jody doesn’t believe him and says it’s his overactive imagination.  Mike also asks a local fortune-teller and her granddaughter what he should do, and the have him stick his hand into a black box.  The box closes on his hand and he panics causing himself great pain.  The fortune-teller tells him to stop being scared and all we be fine.  He calms down and the box removes itself from his hand.  She informs him that like the box, The Tall Man can cause him pain but it is mostly in his own mind.

Mike then travels to the Mortuary to try to find proof that he can take back to Jody.  There Mike encounters a small metal orb that flies around and has vicious blades that stick out.  The ball pursues him and kills a man by boring into his brain with a drill bit.  Mike is then chased by the Tall Man and escapes into a room slamming the Tall man’s fingers in the door severing them.  He then takes one of the Fingers back to his brother to convince him that something horrible is going on at the mausoleum.

Jody arrives at the house to find Mike asleep with the family shotgun on the stairs.  Jody takes the gun and unloads it, then asks why is he is so worried.  Mike shows him the severed finger that he keeps hidden in a small box.  Then the finger transforms into demonic Bug that attacks Mike.  Jody’s best friend Reggie shows up as they attempt to get rid of the demon bug.  They destroy it by tossing it into the garbage disposal and set back out to the mortuary to find more answers.

Back at the mausoleum the 3 enter a white room with several containers and 2 metal rods rising out of the floor.  Reggie notices they resemble tuning forks and places his hands on each rod.  they find out the rods are a gateway to a distant planet  where the hooded dwarves are used as slaves.  Mike comes to the conclusion that the dwarves are actually the dead of the cemetery transformed to adapt to the foreign planet’s intence gravity.  They then are attacked by the Tall Man who kills Reggie but Jody and Mike escape.  Jody ends up shooting the Flying metal orb and lure the Tall man to an abandoned mine where they trap him.

Mike then wakes up from a dream and finds that Jody has been dead from a car crash for some time now.He has been living with Jody’s best friend Reggie since his death, who says they need to get away from there and get their minds off everything that has happened.  He tells Mike that it was all a bad dream, and he should go upstairs and get ready to leave.  Mike goes upstairs to his room, and in the mirror waits the Tall Man.  He reaches out and pulls Mike into the mirror.

Like Many of the 70’s Horror Movies PHANTASM was originally given an X rating when it was released due to its graphic violence.  It was later changed to an R rating by Film Critic Charles Chaplin who made a phone call to the board to get the rating changed.  Now most of you MANIACS OF HORROR know that I Love 70’s Horror Movies, but I insist that this is one of the greatest from that decade.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it, and If you have watch it again for Fun.

MOTHER’S DAY Horror Movie Review

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This my humble review on a Great Cult Classic MOTHER’S DAY!! I was throughly impressed and entertained by the film. It was released in 1980, but like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and many other exploitation films it was banned in many venues and countries. That alone means I will more than likely LOVE IT!! If someone tells me I shouldn’t watch something you can bet your ass I definitely will!!  It was Directed by Charles Kaufman and Produced by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment.

The story is about 3 friends who call themselves “the Rat Pack” and their trip camping in the woods. Little do they know, two Hillbilly brothers are living nearby and they have only one thing on their mind, impressing their mother played by Rose Ross.  And what impresses their mother? Rape, Kidnapping and Violence. She trains the boys the best she can with the little they have around their rural home. After capturing the 3 helpless girls and bringing them back for their mother’s approval, the two boys single out Jackie, who the girls swear has always been abused by men. Earlier in the film they take out some harmless revenge on a douche-bag  who calls himself Dobber, while the movie plays “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tommy James and the Shondells. This time however Jackie isn’t just abused emotionally, she actually beaten and raped.

 After the first night, the 2 remaining girls try to escape and they find their friend Jackie inside a dresser. She is half dead and barely breathing but they will not leave her behind. They hoist her up and carry her off, but they are found by Ike and Addley the 2 Hillbilly brothers. While the brothers try to subdue them, their Mother screams for them to help her in the front yard. She tells them her sister Queenie is out there in the woods just waiting to kill her. They don’t really believe her, but they are sworn to do whatever she asks. While the mother distracts the boys, the girl escape into the woods. They can’t go too far, and they have to lay Jackie down as Trina tries to bring back the car. The car won’t start, thanks to Ike and Addley tampering with the motor, but Trina doesn’t give up. She runs to the road and tries to flag down a passing cop car. Unfortunately it is NOT an officer of the law, but Ike. He tries to have his way with her, but she racks him and gets away again.

During all this Jackie dies from her wounds. Trina breaks down, but Abbey turns vindictive. She swears to Jackie’s corpse that she will make them sorry sons of bitches pay. They hold up their promise as they go back to the house and kill both boys. Then it’s time for their mother. She begs and pleads to the girls, but it only reminds Abbey of her own abusive mother. She then smothers her with a plastic Titty Pillow. (I LOVE THAT!!) They then bury Jackie and try to go back to their own lives, but Finally a screech is heard in the woods. Queenie who has only been spoken of so far in the movie, leaps over a huge bush to pursue them, as the movie ends.
Great Movie, great Story!! It might be a little too dark for some. (My wife won’t watch it) but it does have redeemable qualities. The acting of the women played by Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, and Tiana Pierce are amazing. The horror is intense, and their planning of how to escape is well thought out.
I want to thank Jose Antonio Rodriguez for suggesting it to me. I FREAKING LOVED IT!!


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This is a Review of One of the Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time, George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  This was The First of the Great Zombie Series from George A. Romero, even though the Term Zombie is Never Used in this Movie.  Like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE this movie got a lot of criticism from critics so it was primarily had a Drive In release and became a Cult Classic through word of mouth.

The Movie starts off with brother and sister, Barbra and Johnny go to visit their Grandfathers grave.  At the Grave they are attacked by a old pale man, who eventually kills Johnny.  Barbra makes it back to the car and slowly gets away by putting it in Neutral and coasting down a hill.  There’s great tension as the old man beats at the car window with a rock. 

She escapes to an old abandoned farmhouse where she finds the corpses of the owners inside and is terrified enough to head back outside!!  Outside she finds more pale ghouls, or “zombies” as they are refered to in later installments by Romero. Suddenly the Hero of the Movie, Ben played by Duane Jones, arrives in a pickup truck and gets her back inside to hold themselves up until they can think of a plan!!  Barbra becomes catatonic as Ben Runs around boarding up the windows and doors.

After securing their new hide out, Ben investigates the rest of the house and finds more people are hidden in the cellar.  Down there is the Cooper parents and their Daughter Karen along with a young couple Tom and Judy!!  Also they find a radio that Ben finds an emergency bulletin that states the epidemic is taking over the entire east coasts.  After hearing the news Harry Cooper the father and Ben argue about whether to stay down in the cellar.  Harry states it’s the safest place in the house, but Ben says without an exit it is a deathtrap.  Ben Convinces Tom and Judy to join him and Barbra upstairs but the Coopers retreat back to the basement.

Upstairs They find a Television that tells of Safe Zones throughout the Nation.  Ben decides their best bet will be to take his Truck to the Nearest safe zone, but they will need fuel.  He and Tom make a dash for the pickup and drive it to the farmhouse pump as Harry throws Malitov cocktails from the upstairs windows.  Judy worries for Tom at the Pump and runs out to save him.  Tom spills some of the gas and the truck goes up in flames, Tom and Judy drive it away from the pump before it explodes killing them both.

Harry in a moment of cowardice betrays Ben by locking the door keeping him outside.  Ben has to kick down the door and beats the crap out of Harry for leaving him to die.  Then on the tv the  news broadcasts that a gunshot or severe damage to the brain will kill the animated corpses, which is the main idea on how to defeat them in all the Romero Zombie Movies. 

While Ben is listening to the broadcast Harry gets Ben’s rifle and threatens to shoot him while he fends off several zombies.  Ben wrestles the gun away from Harry and shoots him as the zombies attack Barbra and Helen through the windows.  Ben crawls downstairs dying from his wounds to check on his daughter one last time.

Helen breaks free from the zombies and makes her way as well to the cellar.  There she finds her daughter Karen has turned from the bite on her arm and is now eating the corpses of her dead father.  Helen in tear filled desperation has to kill her own daughter with a trowel to the head. 

Outside Barbra sees her brother Johnny amongst the other zombies and is carried away, her fate unknown by the viewing audience.  Ben has to eventually retreat to the very cellar he claimed was a Deathtrap.  Down there he must kill a reanimated Harry and Helen before securing himself until morning.  He is awoken with a posse coming up to the farmhouse.  He attempts to escape the cellar through a window, and when the posse sees him they mistakenly think he’s a zombie and shoots him in the head.  the Movie ends with him being burned on a pile of other destroyed zombies.

Now I’m sure Most of you have already seen this Great Film, but you would be surprised who has only heard about it. This isn’t one that you only need to know about, you really should watch this one for yourself.  There’s a lot of great acting and dialogue throughout the film, and this is the film that made George A. Romero a house hold name.  The next time you see this coming on late at night, don’t pass it up!!  Give it a watch, and you will be Entertained.

THE SHINING Horror Movie Review

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Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 Adaptation of Stephen King’s Novel is considered by Many to be the Greatest Horror Movie to come out of the 80’s.  Also this is the Movie that Most people think of when they think of Great Jack Nicholson Performances.  To me, this is the Best example of how a Horror Movie can be made into a Work of Art.  The Colors Kubrick uses, the Camera work and even the Sounds of the Film help add to its Allure.

Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, takes refuge as a winter caretaker of a massive hotel built on top of an indian burial ground.  He brings with him his wife Wendy, played by Shelley Duvall, and his latent psychic son Danny, played by Danny Lloyd.  Danny shares a gift of telepathy with the local cook Dick, played by Scatman Cruthers, who warns him that this old Hotel has a “Shine” the same as the 2 of them.  The Hotel’s “Shining” isn’t always good and in fact can sometimes be bad, so he should be careful, and Stay Away from Room #237.  Danny has been distant with his parents and talks to his imaginary friend.

Cabin Fever starts setting in on Poor Old Jack as his Writing goes nowhere and Violent Outbursts happen more often.  Danny is visited by the Spirits of Twin Girls who’s Father murdered them in a violent Rage with an Ax.  They ask him to come play with them, but their supernatural nature frightens Danny away.  However Jack is comforted by another Spirit Lloyd who was the twin girls father.  Inside Jack’s twisted mind he converses with Lloyd over Drinks at the Bar, but Lloyd remembers nothing about his life or the Murdering of his Family.

With Jack becoming more insane by the day, It’s not long before he attacks the wife and she has to defend herself with a baseball bat.  She knocks him out and locks him in the freezer to keep her and her son safe.  Jack is eventually released by one of the Spirits of the Hotel, and he goes after his son and wife with an Ax.  Dick felt that something was wrong and leaves his vacation to go after them to make sure everything is okay.  Jack takes him out, and chases Danny through the maze.  Danny has been playing in the maze since they arrived at the Hotel, and with some clever back tracking over his own footsteps, he looses Jack in the Freezing Cold in the Maze as Wendy drives them both out of there.

This is My Favorite Ghost Movie of All Time.  There’s so many things that make this Classic great.  If You haven’t seen it you Really should take time to watch it.  If you already have seen it, then treat yourself to the joy of watching it Again.  I Don’t think You will Be disappointed.