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This Top 10 Is about those Villians from Horror who can bend Reality or Themselves are Freaks of Nature.  After you read through my list, Please tell me who are your TOP 10 PARANORMAL VILLIANS.

1. Carrie White, she can move things with her mind and in a fit of rage killed everyone attending her prom.

2. Freddy Kreuger, He’s the monster that lurks in your nightmares, can make what happens in your dreams a reality.

3. Pinhead, He was once a Millitary man, now he’s a Leviathan in Hell who delites in torturing your soul.

4. The Tall Man, Strange Alien from another Planet with yellow blood and the ability to Polymorph.

5. Jason Voorhees, Drowned as a child now an Undead Killing Machine of Retribution.

6. Blade form Puppet Master. An animated puppet who has a Blade for one hand and a hook for another.

7. Regan/Pazuzu, Once a sweet little girl, now possessed by a demon from hell with telekenesis and great strength.

8. The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers, a Returning Demon who is nearly indestructable.

9. Victor Crowley, A Trapped spirit of a tortured disfigured man, he doesn’t just appear he viciously kills you.

10. Chucky/ Charles Lee, A  Child’s toy possessed by a Serial Killer.  Who would suspect?


Top 10 Dads from Horror Movies

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Father’s Day is in a Few short Hours, so I thought we could Celebrate with a Maniac of Horror Salute to the Top 10 Dads from Horror Movies.

1. Bill Paxton as Dad in FRAILTY, Bill’s charactor was completely Devoted to doing what he thought was best for his 2 sons.  His role was the primary function of the story.

2. Claude Rains Charactor of Sir John Talbot in THE WOLF MAN.  He is shown as a mature source of information for the audience in the film and become the hero at the conclusion.

3. Lance Henriksen’s charactor Harley in PUMPKINHEAD.  His love for his son is the cause for revenge in this 80’s Classic.

4. John Saxton in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and Part 3 DREAM WARRIORS.  He’s the stereo typical Dad in the original, in the 3rd he’s a drunken shell of the man he once was, but returns as a hero with a chance for redemption at the end of the film.

5. Craig T Nelson’s Charactor Steve Freeling in POLTERGEIST.  He plays a great 80’s Iconic Dad Role with strengths and weaknesses.  Very multilayered charactor.

6. Sid Haig’s Charactor Captian Spaulding in THE DEVIL’S REJECTS.  In this sequel, Captian Spaulding becomes a broader part with the revalation that he is Baby’s father. We knew he was in cahoots with the Firefly Family now we see it is a blood relationship.

7. James Whitworth’s charactor Papa Jupiter in THE HILLS HAVE EYES.  His take of a Villian who will slaughter anything to feed his family brings an intence hopelessness in the movie.

8. Karl Hardman’s charactor Harry in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. One the greatest Antagonists in any Horror film, and he just plays out the fears and worries of any common father.  It’s his part that makes you realize the bravery of Ben in the film, and makes the audience question what would they do in a simlar situation.

9. Dale Midkiff’s charactor Louis Creed.  He shows the tragedy of losing a child and the wanting of any way to change it.  Not a tale of revenge but of wanting something lost.

10. Roy Scheider’s charactor Cheif Martin Brody in JAWS.  It’s the worry of his children and the safety of his town is what drives him.  He is also a man who takes his job with honor and dignity and will not compromise in his position.

Charactor Review JASON VOORHEES

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I thought instead of reviewing a Horror Movie, I would Review a Horror Movie Charactor.  With Friday the 13th of May  just a Few weeks Away I thought it would be cool to review the Icon JASON VOORHEES.  He is One of My favorite because he has evolved so much from his original perception.

In the Original FRIDAY THE 13TH Jason was just seen as a Nightmare apparition at the end of the Movie.  He wasn’t the killer as almost All of Us Maiacs know, he was just a corpse of a small boy who drowned in the lake while some camp counselors made out.

In the Sequel we see that Jason never drowned but must have been saved by someone (most likely his mother) and has been Living as a Wild Man Hermit in the Woods.  He saw his Mother Killed for trying to Punish those responsible for Jason’s swimming accident.  His Grief caused him to take up her fight and Kill the Cursed in Counselors.  By the End of the Movie Jason is still alive, But No Hockey Mask yet.  He’s a living deformed Full Grown Man, who wears a Sack Over his Head.

It wasn’t until the 3rd Movie that Jason put on the Old Hockey Mask.  It was also in this movie when we first see Jason as a Unstoppable Killing Machine.   He’s still mortal, but he feels no pain and has a one track mind for killing.  This is also the 1st and only Movie in the Series to be released in 3-D.  This is also Many of the Fan’s favorite in the Series.  At the end of the Movie Jason is Presumed Dead.  So for those who are Keeping Track, that’s still Mortal, but Now Has a Hockey Mask.

In the 4th Movie we Find Out that Jason’s wounds he sustained in the 3rd Movie were Not in fact lethal.  He’s still alive and Bloodthirsty as ever.  This Movie also reinstates his Connection to Camp Crystal Lake, because he returns there rather than releasing his Bloodlust apon the City when he rises out of the Coroners Morgue.  By the End Jason is Killed by a Young Boy who understands him, sort of, and tricks him into letting his gaurd down.  I guess thats why they call it The Final Chapter.

The 5th Movie doesn’t really need to be Mentioned in this review, because this review is about JASON VOORHEES.  Jason is Not Really in this Movie and is Dead.  Howeverhis Legend Lives on in the Insanity of a Different Camp Crystal Lake Lunatic. So at the end of this Movie Jason is still mortal, and still dead.

O.K. In the 6th Movie we see the Basis of the JASON VOORHEES that we all know and Love Today, the undead murdering monster.  At the Begining of this Movie we see Jason get resurrected by a bolt of lightning.  How cool is that.  Jason goes on his usually killing spree of teenagers through out the movie.  Towards the end Jason is Trapped at the Bottom of the Lake but Not Destroyed.

In the 7th and 8th Movie Jason basically stays the same as he was in the 6th one.  He is released from his Prison by a psychic girl in the 7th, who breaks his chain around his neck keeping him at the bottom of the lake.  He rises up and his killing ways start again.  At the end he is brought down in a showdown with the psychic girl.   The 7th Movie also brings forth Kane Hodder who is one the most famous Jason Actors.

 In the 8th Jason is resurrected by an anchor cutting into a powerline and shocking him back to life.  Jason rises up and kills the couple on the Boat, then floats down “river?” (It’s Camp Crystal LAKE not river but oh well) to the harobor where a high school field trip is heading to New York City.  That Many lustfull teenagers is just too much for Jason to resist, so he climbs aboard and heads to the Big Apple.  However by the end of this One Jason is Disovled by Toxic Waste, which makes me wonder how he comes back for the next movie.

Although one of my Least favorite movies in the FRIDAY THE 13TH series, the 9th Movie JASON GOES TO HELL he does Evolve again, But ONLY for THIS MOVIE.  Jason is coaxed out of hiding at Camp Crystal lake by a seductive young woman who has him chase her into a field.  Jason is then surrounded by a SWAT team and Blown apart.  Again at the Morgue he is resurrected, but this time it’s by a mortician possessed to eat his black heart.  That makes him a mindless thrall for the Jason spirit to continue his killing from beyond the grave.  In this Movie the Jason mythos say he’s a Demon Worm that can transfer from person to person until it reaches a female from his family which will resurrect him completely.  He eventually finds the corpse of his long dead mother and is born again but then is sucked down to hell, where the Demon worm thing came from in this movie.  This movie really doesn’t tie to any of the other movies.

In JASON X the 10th Movie, Jason gets Captured and held by the U.S. Millitary in Hopes of Cloning him into an unstoppable front line for the Army.  He is cryogenically frozen and is taken into space!!  Apon awakening Jason goes back to his old slasher ways and is again revamped with a few cybernetic enhancements by a futuristic robotic surgical device.  This was the last of the Original FRIDAY THE 13TH series and it does redeem itself a bit from the 2 previous films.

Jason makes another appearance in the Crossover movie FREDDY VS. JASON.  In this Movie Jason exists in his own corner of Hell, resting until he is resurrected by Freddy Krueger posing as Jason’s Mother Pamela Voorhees instructing Jason to rise up and attack the Naughty Children of Elm Street.  Jason does as he’s told but he kills Too Much for Freddy’s Liking in reality.  So Freddy possesses one of the teenagers and sedates Jason taking him into His Nightmare World.  He is eventually returned to reality along with Freddy at the end of the Movie.   They have a Final Showdown and Jason returns to his Slumber.

Finally Jason has come back in the FRIDAY THE 13TH Remake.  In this one he’s simillar to how he was in the 2nd and 3rd movie.  He is a Mortal, he’s seen his mother killed for trying to punish the naughty counselors, and even has his hockey mask.  He is supposedly killed by the end of the Movie, but the word is they are working on a sequel for this remake.

I wonder how they might adapt JASON VOORHEES, the most Evolving Horror Movie Charactor.


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This is an Idea I had about what to do if Everybody has Already seen The Slasher movies That You are Watching!! Turn the SLASHER MOVIE into a DRINKING GAME.
Here’s what You Do:
Everybody Playing get a Drink!! This can be Either Shots or Beers.
Now Each of You Playing Pick a Charactor from the Movie, Everyone Pick a Different Person and it should be someone who is Killed or is the Killer.
Then Take a Drink When:
Your Charactor is Introduced in the Movie
Your Charactor Drinks Alcohol
Your Charactor Does Drugs
Your Charactor Leaves the Group
Your Charactor Gets Naked
Your Charactor Has Sex
Your Charactor Watches Someone Get Naked (If You’re the Killer)
Your Charactor Watches soemone Have sex (If You’re the killer)
Your Charactor gets Killed
Your Charactor Kills Someone
Your Charactor’s name is said when they Aren’t on Screen

During Chase Scenes:
Both The Killer and The Victim both Try to Down their Drink!! The First to Turn over their empty drink and Stick Out there Tongue showing they Drank it All is The Winner.
The Winner Can take Loser Future Drinks Or Pass Their Future drinks to the Loser.

During Death Scenes:
The Victim that is killed can say the Name of the Next Victim to Die Correctly they can Take a Drink Everytime The Next Victim Takes a Drink. This can Only be done Once.

Everyone Takes a drink When:
The Killer’s house is Shown
Any Part of The Title of the Movie is said During the Movie
Anyone Mentions or Shows Another Horror Movie

Thats it, Have Fun and Get drunk. Hahaha

My Horror Movie Collection

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I Thought one of the best ways to get to know me is to know where I’ve been, so here my collection of Horror Movies that tells you were my Mind has been over the last many years!!

Here’s my List of Horror Movies and the Categories I put them in:

Rating Scale

***** ( 5 Stars) One of the Greatest Horror Movies Ever

****1/2 (4 1/2 Stars) Amazing Horror Classic

**** (4 Stars) Great Movie

*** 1/2 (3 1/2 Stars) Good Horror Film, If you like Horror Movies You’ll Like This

*** (3 Stars) Decent movie, Good to watch in October or When it Matches with the Movie

**1/2 (2 1/2 Stars) Bad Movie, It better have someone you Love in this film to watch it

** (2 Stars) Terrible Film, This should have never came through production

*1/2 (1 1/2 Stars) Horrible Film, No one I know would like this

* (1 Star) This is one of the worst films ever made

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre *****

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ****1/2

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Leatherface ***1/2

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Remake) ****

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Begining ****

6. House of 1000 Corpses *****

7. The Devil’s Rejects ****1/2

8. Hostel ****

9. Touristas ****

10. P2 ***1/2

11. Cabin Fever ****

12. Vacancy ****

13. Murder Party ***1/2

14. Death Proof ****1/2

15. Joy Ride ****

16. Feast ****

17. Feast 2 ***

18. No Mans Land/ The Rise of Reeker ***1/2

19. The Starngers ****

20. The Last House on the Left ****

21. Wrong Turn *** 1/2

22. Wrong Turn 2 ***

23. Imprint ****

24. Penny Dreadful ***1/2

25. House **1/2

26. 2001 Maniacs  ***1/2

27. 2001 Maniacs Field of Scream ***1/2

28. Borderline Cult **

29. Pieces ***1/2

30. Kill Baby Kill ***

31. Kiss Me Kill me **

32. Hindsight ***

33. Razor eaters ***

34. Cruel World ***

35. Live Animals ***

Slasher Movies

36. Halloween *****

37. Halloween 2 ****

38. Halloween (Remake) ****

39. Friday 13th *****

40. Friday 13th Part 2 ****

41. Friday 13th Part 3 ***1/2

42. Friday The 13th Final Chapter ***1/2

43. Friday 13th (Remake) ****

44. A Nightmare on Elm Street **

45. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 **1/2

46. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 *****

47. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4 ***1/2

48. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 ***1/2

49. Freddy’s Dead ***1/2

50. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare ***

51. Hellraiser

53. Hellriaser 2

54. Hellraiser 3

55. Prom Night ***1/2

56. Terror Train ***

57. My Bloody Valentine ***1/2

58. My Bloody Valentine (Remake) ****

59. April Fool’s Day ***

60. Hatchet ****

61. Deranged ***1/2

62. Motel Hell ****1/2

63. Laid to Rest ***

64. Strangeland ****

65. The Tripper ***

66. Silent Night, Deadly Night ***1/2

67. Dark Ride ***

68. Trackman ***

69. Slaughterhouse ***1/2

70. Behind the Mask ****

71. Freddy Vs Jason ****1/2

72. Hatchetman ***

73. The Burning ****

74. Angst ***

75. A Brush with Death ***

76. The Chambermaid ***

77. Death non Demand ***

78. Demonic ***

79. Hallowed ***

80. Harvest of Fear ***

81. Red Riding Hood ***

82. Shadow of the Dead ***

83. The Twisted Ssiters ***

84.  Salvage ***

85. Memory ***

86. Mortuary ***

87. Knock Knock ***

88. Roman ***

89. Skeleton Man ***

Black and White Classics

90. Horror Hotel ***1/2

91. The Last man on Earth ****1/2

92. Dementia 13 ***1/2

93. The Terror ***

94. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ****

95. The House on Haunted Hill ***1/2

96. Night of the Living Dead *****

97. Nightmare Castle ***1/2

98. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ***1/2

99. Nosferatu ****1/2

100.Carnival of Souls ***

101. I Bury the Living ***

102. Blood Tide ***

103. Fangs of The Living Dead ***

104. Bloody pit of Horror ***

105. The Undertaker and his Pals ***

106. The Pyx ***

107. Dominique is Dead ***

Werewolf Movies

108. The Wolfman *****

109. Frankenstein Vs The Wolfman ****

110. Werewolf of London ***1/2

111. She-Wolf of London **

112. Werewolf Vs The Vampire Woman ***

113. Moon of the Wolf **

114. Wolfman (1982) *

115. Werewolf of Washington **

116. The Howling ****

117. An American Wereolf In London *****

Vampire Movies

118. Bram Stoker’s Dracula ****

119. Vampire Happening **

120. The Satanic Rites of Drakula **

121. Atomic Age Vampire **

122. Grave of the Vampire **

123. 30 Days of Night ****

124. Underworld ****

125. Brotherhood of Blood ***

126. Rise ****

127. Count Dracula and his Vampire Brides ***

128. Near Dark ****

129. The Hamiltons ***

Zombie Movies

130. Dawn of the Dead ****

131. Day of the dead ***

132. Return of the Living Dead ****

133. Land of the Dead ***1/2

134. Dance of the Dead ***1/2

135. Re-Animator ****

136. Beyond the Re-Animator ***1/2

137. Zombie Strippers ****

138. Trailer Park of Terror ****

139. The Serpent and The Rainbow ****

Ghost Movies

140. The Shining *****

141. The Amityville Horror ***1/2

142. The Fog ***1/2

143. Poltergiest ****

144. 13 Ghosts ****

145. Wicked Little Things ***

146. The Grudge ***

147. Unrest ***1/2

148. A Haunting in Georgia **

149. A Haunting in Conneticut **1/2

150. Flatliners ***1/2

151. The Gravedancers ***1/2

152. The Slaughter ***1/2

153. Stir of Echoes ****

154. Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine ***

155. The Univited ***

156. The Return ***

157. Twice Dead ***

Fear of Doctors/ Hospitals

158. Sublime ***1/2

159. Dark Floors ****

160. Beyond the Wall of Sleep ***

161. After.Life ****

Scary Loner Movies

162. Carrie *****

163. Willard ****1/2

164. Otis ****

165. Frailty ****1/2

166. Misery ****

167. The Silence of the Lambs ****

1970’s horror

168. Jaws ****1/2

169. Don’t Answer the Phone ***

170. Prime Evil ***

171. Black Candles **1/2

172. I Spit on Your Grave ****

173. The Exorcist ****

174. The Evil ****

Foriegn Horror Movies

175. Audition ****

176. A Real Friend ***1/2

177. Blame  ***

178. Spectre ***

179. A Christmas Tale ***

180. The Baby’s Room ***

181. To Let ***

182. The Ugly ****

183. Anatomy ***1/2

Fun Halloween Movies

184. Creepshow ****

185. Creepshow 2 ****

186. Elvira ****

187. The Rocky Horror Picture Show ****1/2

188. Going to Pieces (The Rise and Fall of Slasher Films) ****1/2

190. Halloween 25 Years of Terror ***1/2

Bad Horror Movies (I wouldn’t recommend watching/ renting/ Or buying these)

191. The Puppet Master Vs The Demonic toys *

192. We All Scream for Ice Cream *1/2

193. Machined *

194. Lady Frankenstine **

Top Rated Films on the List

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

House of 1000 Corpses


Friday 13th

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors (Seriously Watch it again it’s Great)

Night of The Living Dead

The Wolfman

An American Werwolf in London

The Shining


New Rules to How to Survive a Horror Movie

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 Tell me what you think should be some New rules to how to survive a horror movie. Or just what you scream out at the dumb-asses on the screen during your favorite films. We Know what Jamie Kennedy said in Scream, lets try and think of some others. here’s my examples:

1. Never go in a strangers house. Examples: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The People Under the Stairs


2. Never Say that yiou’re "From Out of Town." Examples: House of 1000 Corpses, Hostel


3. Don’t Look Behind you when you’re running. Examples: Countless Friday 13th, and Friday Rip-Offs


4. Keep Your Car Maintained. Examples: The Hills Have Eyes, Wolf Creek


5. Learn to shoot and carry a gun. Examples: Any Zombie movie.


6. Pay Attention to Your Pets. Examples: Cujo, Lost Boys


7. Be Nice to Nerds and Loners. Examples: Carrie, Willard

8. Don’t dismiss Fables and Urban Legends. Examples: Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street


9. Stay on The Main Road. Examples: The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn


10. Don’t tease the locals. Examples: Pumpkinhead, House of 1000 Corpses


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This Discussion Is Kind of Self Explanitory. We Have a Lot of New Poeple Here on MANIACS OF HORROR and I would like Hear Back From all of you!! Wether you’ve been here for a while or just found out about us!! Tell me what your answer is to: WHEN DID YOU GET INTO HORROR MOVIES AND WHAT WAS THE FIRST HORROR MOVIE YOU SAW?

I was about 3 I think!! It was 1978 and My Older sister was 18 and would take me with her to the Local Drive-In!! It was There that I was Introduced to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!! I’ve Never been the same since!! Hahaha