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Last Day of Texas Frightmare Weekend

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On My Last day of Texas Frightmare Weekend I attended Many Panels of Independent Horror Movies.  The weather turned from Bright and Sunny to Cold and Raining which stopped many other patrons from attending.  It didn’t stop me and I had a Blast.  I Love Independent Horror Movies, and The cast and Directors are So personable and friendly.

The First Independent Horror Movie Panel I attended was for a Science fiction Horror Film CODE OF EVIL by Kerry Beyer.  It’s about a Spaceship transporting Criminals that has to crash land on a foreign Planet.  The crew and Convicts must ban together to protect themselves from Viscious Maneating Aliens.  This Movie has Not Been released yet, but as Soon as it Does i let All you Maniacs when and Where you can see it.

The Beautiful Kelly Smith Burns who stars in this Wonderful Film is the One who told me about the Movie and the panel.  She was the Nicest Scream Queen I’ve ever met, and Not to Mention a Smoking Redhead.  My wife is a Redhead so I have a thing for them.  For all information about the film check out their site

The Second Panel I attended was for JACOB a Film by Larry W. Carrell.  This is one that i categorize as Scary Loner Horror Movie like CARRIE or OTIS.  Jacob Kell is a massive man with a deep love for his precious little sister.  when she is visciously killed by her drunken step-father Jacob lashes out with a Violent Vengance.  I love those kind of Horror Movies.

The Movie Stars Larry Wade Carrell, Krystn Caldwell, Leo D. Wheeler, Parrish randall, Grace Powell and Dylan Horne.  This will be coming out soon, but has yet to be released.  I got to Meet Director Larry W. Caldwell who was very nice and kind enough to sign my Poster for me.  Information for the Film JACOB can be found at

The Last panel I attended was for SWEATSHOP Directed by Stacy Davidson, who happened to Edit JACOB for Larry W. Caldwell.  This is a great 80’s Style Slasher type of Horror Movie that takes Place in a Modern Rave.  If you like Young Horny teens being Slaughtered for their debauchery with a giant sledgehammer like I do, than this is the Movie for you.

The Movie Stars Ashley Kay, Melanie Donihoo, Peyton Wetzel, Daniel Jones, Julin, Brent D. Himes, Krystal Freeman, Naika Malveaux, Vincent Guerrero, ViVi Sterling, Miko Marie, Amy Rene LaFavers, Mike James and Jeremy Sumrall as “The Beast.”  All information about this Great film can be found at  I got to meet Stacy Davidson who was a great guy and signed my Poster for me.

So Now that I have found out about these Amazing Independent Horror Films Go and Check them out for Yourself.  You will not Be Disapointed.


Maniacs of Horror Invade Texas Frightmare Weekend, Day 2

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My Second day at Texas Frightmare Weekend was just as Fun as the First.  Today my wife was with me, and that made things so much better. We started off Meeting Sid Haig who Played Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS as well as Hundreds of Other characters in multiple Horror Movies.  Sid is one of the Greatest character Actors I’ve ever met, and is so personable to meet.

I Got him to sign my copy of HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES for me.  He wrote on it, “Richy, Shit the Bed, Sid Haig.”  I think that is hilarious.  That’s the line he starts off with when he appears on the Menu Screen of the DVD.  His line was quick and I am so Happy to get to meet this Horror Icon.

Next We went and got a ticket for Angus Scrimm, who played The Tall Man in PHANTASM.  Like Robert Englund it would take a while before I was allowed to go up and see him.  I am a 70’s Horror Freak, so PHANTASM is an End All Classic to me.  I found my friends Stephen and Jonathan again and waited to meet a local acquaintance and Maniac of Horror Member Kory Kane. 

Finally My number was called and I got in line to meet The Tall Man, Angus Scrimm.  I told him about when I was a young boy back in the late 70’s, my sister would take me with her to the local Drive In and I saw  PHANTASM.  That kind of made me turn out the way I did, and he laughed and said I had a Cool Older Sister.  He autographed my copy of PHANTASM and Made it out, “To Richy”.  I know that kills resale value, but I love it because it Declares my ownership of it.

Then we went through the convention checking out all the different tables.  We found many upcoming independent horror movies that I will discuss later and my friend Peter Morton who writes for MAD MONSTER Magazine.  He’s a Great Guy and Gave me this Free Copy of the mag to Review.  It’s a great rundown of Classic, Obscure, and Independent Horror in One Magazine.  Peter writes a Column called Foreign Horrorspondence where he recounts the Classic British Macabre puppet-show Terrahawks.  Now I never lived over there, nor have I yet got to visit there yet, but this is something I had never heard of before today.  Check these guys out on the Website it will keep you sharp on the ways of horror.

Outside they were having a Hearse Hot Rod Car Show.  These Rides were Gorgeous.  It made you almost wish you were dead. Hahaha

Just look at this flamejob across the hood of this one.

Or the Killer Spikes and skulls of this one.  It’s like it just got kicked out of a Misfits show.

They even had a Model of The Cuda from PHANTASM.   Now any guy who’s seen PHANTASM  remembers the killer 70’s model Cuda from it.  Well here’s one completely restored.  The detail they put into this car was amazing. The had a little zombie dwarf dummy standing next to the door.  This thing was Phenomenal.  They even made a Phantasm Ball to sit on top of the air filter.

And what goes better with The Cuda from PHANTASM than a Hearse made up for PHANTASM? 

 Well apparently that’s what someone else thought and had this wild Hearse painted. 

 I believe that Hood Paint job is from Part 4 OblIVian.  I also like the little skulls running down the doors of the hearse. It came complete with a Tall Man Dummy.

They had Hearses of every Size, Color, and Description at This Thing.

 There was Pimped out Cadillac hearses painted Candy Apple Red in case you need to pick up some women on your way to the gravesite.

There was the Replica of The Ecto 1 from GHOSTBUSTERS. 

That brought back some fond childhood memories.

There was a Skeleton themed Hearse, so they put skeletons every throughout the hearse.  

There also was a Spider themed Hearse.  It didn’t have spiders all over it, just web designs. 

The Hearse Hot Rod Show was a Great way to end my second day at Texas Frightmare Weekend.  This couldn’t have gone any better.

Maniacs of Horror Invade Texas Frightmare Weekend

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Alright, myself and 2 other Howling Mad Scare Freaks attended Texas Frightmare Weekend Tonight, Jonthan and Stephen.  It’s a Great turnout of Celebrities at this Convention and Everyone is Being Very Pleasant.  Tonight wasn’t too Crowded but I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

So far I have been able to meet Doug Bradley from the Great HELLRAISER series.  Which is I believe the best series of them all, even though it has the least amount of profit compared to the other top successful series like SAW or FRIDAY THE 13TH.  Bradley’s Portrayal of Pinhead is the most intelligent of any series villains more than  Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers who were primarily massive brutes.  When Bradley screamed “I’ll tear your Soul Apart!” it was the Greatest line ever mentioned by a series villain.

He signed My Copy of HELLRAISER and Made it out “To Richy, See You In Hell, Doug Bradley.”  Then he also was gracious enough to let me get a photo with him. Got to meet the great Doug Bradley in a matter of minutes, this Convention is looking awesome.

Next I drew a number to meet the Great Robert Englund.  Then I wandered around the Convention checking out all the sights and waited for them to say when my group can go up.  Finally I got to get in line and From the instant You enter that line you can hear Robert Englund tell story after story of the Most Random events.  It is great, he talks about who he’s done shows with, what old cast friends of his are doing now, and what he hopes for the future.  I got him to sign my  A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Box Set and he wrote “To Richy, Sleep Kills, Robert Englund”

My Last Stop was at the table for The Cult Japanese film AUDITION.  There was no numbers drawn,just like Doug Bradley a Small simple line for a short period of time.  At the table I got the Autograph of my Favorite Foreign Scream Queen Eihi Shiina.  I Love it because it’s written in Japanese and looks so unique.

It’s odd when you meet Eihi Shiina because she’s so Striking and Beautiful You’re not use to seeing her in everyday surroundings.  She was also kind enough to let me get a picture with her as well.

Today was a Blast, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Talk to you later Maniacs.