I thought if we’re going to do Classic Black & White Horror Movie THROWDOWNS, than I have to pit the 2 Original Slasher Films against each other.  The First is Alfred Hitchcock’s Most Famous Work PSYCHO and the Second is it’s predecessor Michael Powell’s PEEPING TOM.  If you had to choose, which of these movies is your favorite?



  1. Two movies that changed horror movies forever. I would love to go with Psycho for I have not seen Peeping Tom, but Peeping Tom changed horror more than what Psycho did. My vote is Peeping Tom. Plus if I had to choose between the two to watch, it would bePeeping Tom cause I haven’t seen it yet…lol

  2. “We all go a little mad sometimes.” I’ll take Psycho on this one.

  3. Doug Almeida Says:


  4. I would say if you were to compare the films scene by scene, Peeping Tom is better. By that, I mean it’s better as a whole. But then, I’ll have to go with Psycho for my pick mainly for a handful of scenes–the shower scene of course but also the scene featuring the detective going up the stairs.

  5. Thats 3 Votes for PSYCHO and 1 Vote for PEEPING TOM

  6. Peepin Tom, no question.

  7. Thats 3 votes for PSYCHO and 2 Votes for PEEPING TOM.

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