The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Movie Review

Hey there Maniacs, It’s Time for another Horror Movie Review.  This time it’s a review for the Greatest Sequel in my Opinion THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2. This Classic came out in 1986, a Quarter of a Century Ago!  Tobe Hooper actually decided to do this one Over 10 Years after the original, and though it changed a bit of the mood adding humor, I beleive it kept all of the Terror.  This was my first  introduction of 2 of My favorite Horror Icons Bill Moseley and the Beautiful Caroline Williams.  Jim Siedow was the only original cast to return as his role as The Cook whom, whom we find out is named Drayton Sawyer.  The Great Tom Savini signed on to do the Special effects and Bill Johnson was cast to play Leatherface.

The movie starts off following Caroline Williams Character Stretch the radio DJ.  She works in a north Texas Radio Station and it’s the annual Red River Shoot Out, which is the University of Texas Longhorns versuses the University of Oklahoma Sooners during the Texas State Fair.  Stretch takes a call from a couple of kids on their way to the game who happen to get Slaughtered on the air by Leatherface.  The 2 boys are obviously drunk and are shown forcing a pick up truck off the road in a game of chicken.  A short time later on an abondoned bridge  they run into the truck again. This time the truck drives next to them and a cadaver emerges from the bed of the pick up.  It pulls out a chainsaw as the 2 vehicles tear down the road. (Funny note, it’s shown to only be like a half mile bridge but this seen goes on for several minutes.) One of the boys shoots at the corpses and reveals that it is Leatherface as he saws the drivers head in half. The car crashes and kills the passenger. 

Lieutenant Lefty Enright , former Texas Ranger played by Dennis Hopper investigates the accident and then talks to Stretch about what she heard or knows about the crime. He convinces her to play the audio again in an attempt to lead the killers out.  It does and we get introduced to Bill Moseley’s character Chop Top, one of the creepiest villians to ever grace the silver screen.  Chop Top meets up with Stretch alone at the station in the middle of the night, saying he’s “A far out Fan!”  She doesn’t beleive him and desperately tries to rush him out the door.  He continuely heats a wire hanger with a lighter and sticks it to his head and licks it, as she hurriedly gives him a tour of the station which leads to the exit.  Chop Top almost leaves then returns and flips on the light to the back room with Leatherface in it. He cahrges out and cuts Chop Top in the head sparking off his skull plate. (Chop Top is supposed to be Edwin Neal’s character The Hitchiker from the original who has a skull plate from being run over by the truck at the end.)  Leatherface chases after stretch and is eventually seduced by her to spare her life.  Chop Top beats Stretch’s co-worker L.G. with a hammer when he returns to the studio.  Leatherface returns to Chop Top and makes him beleive he killed Stretch. The 2 then leave with L.G.’s body. 

Stretch then gets a wild idea that she can’t let them escape, and follows after Leatherface and Chop Top Back to their leir, a wild amusement park museum of some sort that the family has made into their slaughter house home.  Stretch falls deep into the lair from a collapsed whol on the outside that leads to the slaughter pen.  In there she runs across Leatherface again who is still infactuated with her and tries to hide her from the others by placing her friends severed bloody face over her own. and leaves her tied up in the pen.  We find out L.G. is not dead and he lifts up and helps Stretch escape even though he’s had his face and chest removed before he dies.

In the leir, we’re reintroduced to Jim Siedow’s (The only original cast member) character Drayton Sawyer more as we see he’s still in charge of the family. He was shown earlier in the movie winning a chili cook off, but now we find out it’s human meat he’s been serving. He spots Stretch sneaking around the leir and pursues her making Leatherface decide between the saw or her.  He then deliver’s the classic line that “The Saw is Family!” However this whole time Lefty Enright is still in persuit of them.

Lefty comes armed with chainsaws of his own and eventually gets in a battle with Leatherface himself after slowly taking the place apart peice by peice.  Stretch is brought before grandpa just like in the original, but she escapes and is pursued by Chop Top.  Lefty cuts Drayton and Leatherface both before Drayton pulls the pin on a grenade he keeps with him. Chop Top chases stretch to the top of a giant fake mountain where an altar to Grandma is kept with a Chainsaw in her lap. Stretch gets the Chainsaw and eventually after multiple slashes across her back fires it up and kills Chop Top.

If it’s been more than a year since you’ve seen this classic I suggest you watch it again.  You will be highly entertained.


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