This Top 10 Is about those Villians from Horror who can bend Reality or Themselves are Freaks of Nature.  After you read through my list, Please tell me who are your TOP 10 PARANORMAL VILLIANS.

1. Carrie White, she can move things with her mind and in a fit of rage killed everyone attending her prom.

2. Freddy Kreuger, He’s the monster that lurks in your nightmares, can make what happens in your dreams a reality.

3. Pinhead, He was once a Millitary man, now he’s a Leviathan in Hell who delites in torturing your soul.

4. The Tall Man, Strange Alien from another Planet with yellow blood and the ability to Polymorph.

5. Jason Voorhees, Drowned as a child now an Undead Killing Machine of Retribution.

6. Blade form Puppet Master. An animated puppet who has a Blade for one hand and a hook for another.

7. Regan/Pazuzu, Once a sweet little girl, now possessed by a demon from hell with telekenesis and great strength.

8. The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers, a Returning Demon who is nearly indestructable.

9. Victor Crowley, A Trapped spirit of a tortured disfigured man, he doesn’t just appear he viciously kills you.

10. Chucky/ Charles Lee, A  Child’s toy possessed by a Serial Killer.  Who would suspect?



  1. Couple of honorable mentions, Michael Meyers (debatable if he is supernatural, but the sumbitch sure kept getting up), Pennywise the Clown, and Candyman.

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