My Interview with Bill Houser

Hey there Maniacs, today I interveiw Independent Movie Director Bill Houser who wrote, produced, and directed HIDDEN.

 HIDDEN is a modern independent Horror Movie that returns to the Old 80’s Style Slasher Genre. You will be able to find it here, on Thanks Bill for Joining Maniacs of Horror.Will you give us a brief rundown of your movie?

BH- Well Richy, you’re brief summary pretty much nails it. Confusion Films’ HIDDEN, is an old school “take’em out in the woods and slaughter them” slasher flick. We really wanted to make it in the style of the 80’s slashers, and what most of those movies had that a lot of the newer slashers don’t is suspense. Especially in the back story…what’s driving the killer. We didn’t have any money making this thing. Knowing that, and knowing that this was our first feature, and the first of anything is generally shit, I decided it was best to go with something simple and a slasher film was perfect. One thing we tried to do with this film was make it clear that JACK ,the killer, was mortal. He is sneaky and evil, and he doesn’t come at you unless he knows he’s going to win. Every victim gets, “softened up” by his tricks before he comes out of the bushes. Useless trivia, once the movie moves to the woods, Jack is in almost every scene…see if you can spot him.

I Now own this film and keep it in my Slasher Movie Library because I feel it is a fun flashback to the Old Days. Was there any movies in particular that you wanted to pay tribute to from the Slasher Classics?

BH-  No, it was more a desire to capture the tone of the 80’s slashers, and not really the great ones that started the trend, but the mob of films that followed. The ones where you laid there wondering why you were watching these people get hacked to bits for no good reason, but couldn’t turn it off either cause you were waiting for a really cool original kill.

I also know that you’re a fan of the genre, as well as all the Maniacs, and have been for many years. Who was your inspiration to get into the Horror Business?

BH- Wow, that’s actually kinda two questions…as far as inspiration as a filmmaker, I love John Carpenter’s work. Especially because I can’t put my finger on why I like some of his films so much. Like The Fog, it’s not a particularly great movie, but I can watch it over and over again. Also, because he is a writer, director, composer, and I’ve been forced to do all three on our projects. Here’s some more worthless trivia for you, one of my songs Running From A Bullet is the theme music to the #1 Itunes game Run Stick Run. As far as getting into the horror business, it’s been a strange progression.. We made a short Martin Gimbley’s Escape (shot the whole thing in a day) which never did anything here, but got tons of hits on German and Japanese horror sites, and because of that short we were asked to design a couple haunted attractions. After that experience and how big it was to stage we decided we were ready to do a feature. So we just did it, jumped in and made a movie. It was after we were well into the film that myself and co-producer Jim Knutelski realized we had to take this seriously and formed Confusion Films LLC.

Now having made a Slasher Film, what would you tell someone who also wanted to make a Slasher Film?

BH-  I would tell anyone thinking of making a first time low-budget movie to make a slasher film. Compared to other sub-genres they’re simple and you’ll have a blast…most of the time. Plus as I mentioned above, if you think your first feature is going to be a masterpiece…you’re nuts. The few people that have had big hits on their first film have for the most part been unable to follow that success up with anything. They call that LUCK. Make a movie, learn from your mistakes, and then make a better movie. Some slasher specific suggestions: Once you have a good story, there can’t be too much gore and nudity…wish we had done more of both.

Thanks again Bill for all you have done at Maniacs of Horror. Is there any other Projects you will be working on in the Future?

BH- I’m finishing up the script for our second feature, Apparition (working title), right now. It’s a ghost story about a young woman who has just lost a child in childbirth and while in the country recovering encounters the ghost of a young girl savagely murdered by her own father. The ghost desperately needs her assistance, and emotionally she’s in no position to turn down a child. The story is far more complicated than the first film, but in many ways I’m hoping the shoot will be simpler. We learned loads working on Hidden, and you’ll see that in the production value of this film. We’re also looking for writers (anybody interested get ahold of me) to develop scripts for other projects. We’re hoping to shoot two films by Summer 2012…if the world hasn’t ended.

I suggest All Maniacs Check Out THE HIDDEN and Help Independent Horror , much like a Slasher villian,Stay Alive


2 Responses to “My Interview with Bill Houser”

  1. JC Schweingrouber Says:

    Excellent interview! I’ll make sure to catch this film.

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