THROWDOWN Ed Neal’s Hitchhiker or Bill Moseley’s Chop Top

This THROWDOWN is between the 2 Guys who ran with Good Ol’ Leatherface the Best.  First was The Great Ed Neal who was billed as The Hitchhiker in the Original THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and Second was Bill Moseley who aquired the nick-name Chop Top in the sequel THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2.  Which of these 2 Horror Icons played the role better in your opinion?


13 Responses to “THROWDOWN Ed Neal’s Hitchhiker or Bill Moseley’s Chop Top”

  1. Robe Thomas Says:

    I’M FIRST!!!! Ed Neal by a long shot .

  2. phillip weber Says:

    These Throwdowns are getting tougher and tougher to call! Ed Neal’s Hitchhiker is an all timer as far as classic creeps go. His appearance in TCM sets the tone for the rest of the film. Throw in that he liked playing in graveyards, and his “table manners” in the family dinner scene, and it’s hard to pick against him. Moseley’s Chop Top provided a lot of comic relief in TCM2. The Sonny Bono wig, the hot coat hanger, the scalp eating, and the classic lines “Lick my plate, you dog dick” (which me and my friends say to each other all the time) and “Get that bitch, Leatherface!” Kudos to Ed Neal’s character, but Moseley was the best part of that goofy sequel so he gets my vote.

  3. Sebastian Kane Says:

    Ed Neal!! Definitely!

  4. Thats 2 Votes for Ed and 1 Vote for Bill

  5. Doug Almeida Says:

    Ed Neil

  6. Thats 3 Votes for Ed and 1 Vote for Bill

  7. Daniel Serna Says:

    Ed Neal!!!

  8. Thats 4 Votes for Ed and 1 Vote for Bill

  9. Ed Neal was a cooler sidekick to leatherface.
    though they are both different characters

  10. Dahnofthedead Says:

    Ummm.. Ed Neal.. that SOB was crazy.

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