This THROWDOWN is between 2 Horror Movies that come from a Long Series that take their villians into Space.  The First is JASON X where Jason was Cryogenically Frozen and Revived on a space station 400 years in the future, or HELLRAISER BLOODLINE that has Pinhead tracking down the heir of a toymaker for ceturies into a space station in the far future.  If you were to pick your favorite of these 2 which would it be?




  1. ASHPOWER! Says:

    “Pain? How dare you use that word. What you think of as pain is only a shadow. Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you, gentlemen, I AM PAIN!” Ummm, god, if it wasn’t for the whole futuristic entail in Bloodline, it would win, but I have to go with Jason X. But I do love Pinhead’s line in it.

  2. thats 1 Vote for JASON X

  3. im voting for jason x just for the frozen face smash

  4. Ugh, both should be penalized and put in time out for the remainder of the bout. Well, if I had to pick one, it would have to be Hellraiser: Bloodline.

  5. mortitia Says:

    difficille choice but I am going to tell hellraiser because I found too futuristic jason x, but jason I am always madwoman of you

  6. Thast 2 Votes for JASON X and 2 votes for HELLRAISER BLOODLINE

  7. Kory Kane Says:

    Angelique the Princess of Hell & the new Cenobite twins made Bloodline for me that & they followed the story from the Epic comic series.

  8. Thats 3 Votes for BLOODLINE and 2 votes for JASON X

  9. Doug Almeida Says:

    Jason X very cool movie..

  10. Mark nailed it on the head. “UGH” to both! But gimme Cyber-Jason over a spaceship Cenobite any day.

  11. Thats 4 Votes for JASON X and 3 Votes for BLOODLINE

  12. Dahnofthedead Says:

    Jason X

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