Lets take a THROWDOWN into the Torture Porn Side of the Horror Spectrum with 2 of the Most Graphic freaks from Foreign Lands.  Theres The Japanese Film AUDITION Directed by Takashi Miike and Starring The Beautiful Eihi Shiina or The Dutch Horror Film THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE Directed by Tom Six and Starring Dieter Laser.  If you had to choose between these 2 movies, which would you prefer?



  1. ASHPOWER! Says:

    Hm, I don’t consider them Torture Porn. I consider torture porn to be Hostel. But in any case I will go with, hmmmm, I love them both. I want to choose both but I have to go with on this one The Human Centipede. Maybe next time Audition.

  2. Kory Kane Says:

    Audition w/h THC you knew it was gonna be a freak show w/h Audition as slow as it was when the freak show starts your like”HUH”? and it just kept getting stranger.My pick is Audition.

  3. Thats 1 Vote for AUDITION and 1 Vote for THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE

  4. michael Says:

    human centipede

  5. George Smith Says:

    I’m going to have to go with AUDITION for this one…

  6. Dahnofthedead Says:

    Human Centipede..

  7. Thats 3 Votes for THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE and 2 Votes AUDITION

  8. Audition. human centerpeid was crap

  9. Thats 4 Votes for AUDITION and 3 Votes for THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE

  10. jose antonio rodriguez Says:

    THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE is my vote Richy,much more fun!!

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