This THROWDOWN is between 2 of the Most graphically Violent Horror Movies to come out in the last 10 years.  First is the Dark Traps created by the Jigsaw Killer in SAW, or Eli Roth’s Demented Torture Movie HOSTEL.  Now tell me which of these 2 are your Favorite.


12 Responses to “THROWDOWN HOSTEL or SAW”

  1. Satterfield Says:

    SAW worked on many levels. good cop thriller w/ torture horror as seasoning or the other way around.

  2. ASHPOWER! Says:

    You can’t put these two movies in the same category. Both are excellent films that I cannot choose. Saw would be the obvious choice, but Hostel is boobs and violence. Ooooooooooooh! Gah I have to go with Saw.

  3. Thats 2 Votes for SAW

  4. saw is my favorite movie…but hostel was so good!!!! and james wan is amazing…as well as Leigh whannell…but hostel is so good!!!

    Saw does have a better plot…but hostel is so fast paced and fun! (that sounds sick)

    Okay, if i had to choose one that i could only watch for the rest of my life…i would choose hostel

    but, since i am such a saw fangirl, i have to choose SAW!!

  5. Doug Almeida Says:

    They are both great films, but it was Saw that started it all!!! I was really shocked by the ending the 1st time i saw it!!!

  6. Thats 4 Votes for SAW

  7. Patrick Says:

    Saw bores the hell out of me! vote for Hostel.

  8. thats 1 Vote for HOSTEL and 4 Votes for SAW

  9. Dahnofthedead Says:

    Damn.. Hard choice.. I’m gonna go with Hostel cause it creepy to think that this could really happen.

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