Alright, We are Throwing 2 Modern Horror Movies which Are About Driving Cross Country and Unfortunate Things Happen to the Victims. The First is JOY RIDE with the Dreaded Rusty Nail, who is Looking for a Girl Named CandyCane. However he didn’t know that it was all a Pratical joke that went Terribley Wrong.  And The Other Movie is REST STOP were a Girl Goes to a Public Restroom on the side of the Road and then is Stalked by a Serial Killer and a Demented Family in a Wiinebago.
So Which is Your Favorite?



  1. Joy Ride on this one

  2. ASHPOWER! Says:

    Joy Ride. Watched this one when I was little. Still love it to the day. Haven’t seen the first Rest Stop but loved the second one.

  3. Thats 1 Vote for JOY RIDE and No Votes yet for REST STOP

  4. Satterfield Says:

    REST STOP!! Sick fun!!!!!

  5. Thats 2 Votes for JOY RIDE and 1 Vote for REST STOP

  6. Doug Almeida Says:

    Definitely Joy Ride.. Awesome movie.. Rest Stop was pretty good but the whole family in the trailer was pretty stupid in my opinion..

  7. Thats 3 Votes for JOY RIDE and 1 Vote for REST STOP

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