Maniacs of Horror Invade Texas Frightmare Weekend

Alright, myself and 2 other Howling Mad Scare Freaks attended Texas Frightmare Weekend Tonight, Jonthan and Stephen.  It’s a Great turnout of Celebrities at this Convention and Everyone is Being Very Pleasant.  Tonight wasn’t too Crowded but I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

So far I have been able to meet Doug Bradley from the Great HELLRAISER series.  Which is I believe the best series of them all, even though it has the least amount of profit compared to the other top successful series like SAW or FRIDAY THE 13TH.  Bradley’s Portrayal of Pinhead is the most intelligent of any series villains more than  Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers who were primarily massive brutes.  When Bradley screamed “I’ll tear your Soul Apart!” it was the Greatest line ever mentioned by a series villain.

He signed My Copy of HELLRAISER and Made it out “To Richy, See You In Hell, Doug Bradley.”  Then he also was gracious enough to let me get a photo with him. Got to meet the great Doug Bradley in a matter of minutes, this Convention is looking awesome.

Next I drew a number to meet the Great Robert Englund.  Then I wandered around the Convention checking out all the sights and waited for them to say when my group can go up.  Finally I got to get in line and From the instant You enter that line you can hear Robert Englund tell story after story of the Most Random events.  It is great, he talks about who he’s done shows with, what old cast friends of his are doing now, and what he hopes for the future.  I got him to sign my  A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Box Set and he wrote “To Richy, Sleep Kills, Robert Englund”

My Last Stop was at the table for The Cult Japanese film AUDITION.  There was no numbers drawn,just like Doug Bradley a Small simple line for a short period of time.  At the table I got the Autograph of my Favorite Foreign Scream Queen Eihi Shiina.  I Love it because it’s written in Japanese and looks so unique.

It’s odd when you meet Eihi Shiina because she’s so Striking and Beautiful You’re not use to seeing her in everyday surroundings.  She was also kind enough to let me get a picture with her as well.

Today was a Blast, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Talk to you later Maniacs.


One Response to “Maniacs of Horror Invade Texas Frightmare Weekend”

  1. I also attended Texas Frightmare this past weekend it was great my main person i wanted to get was Clive Barker but I did get around to others in all it was a great weekend

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