This THROWDOWN I’m Pitting 2 Movies about Psychopaths who Collect Body Parts of People they admire!! Theres 20 Years Between These 2 Films so it Might Come Down to If you Like Classic 80’S or Modern Indy!! Tough Choice!! There’s the Modern Independent MAY (2002) against The 80’s Classic PIECES (1982)!! Which is Your Favorite Movie?


6 Responses to “THROWDOWN MAY vs PIECES”

  1. Sebastian Kane Says:

    I’m going with Pieces.

  2. Jill Hellboundheart Says:


  3. Thats 1 Vote for MAY and 1 vote for PIECES

  4. Thats 2 Votes for MAY and 1 Vote for PIECES

  5. Doug Almeida Says:


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