THE SHINING Horror Movie Review

Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 Adaptation of Stephen King’s Novel is considered by Many to be the Greatest Horror Movie to come out of the 80’s.  Also this is the Movie that Most people think of when they think of Great Jack Nicholson Performances.  To me, this is the Best example of how a Horror Movie can be made into a Work of Art.  The Colors Kubrick uses, the Camera work and even the Sounds of the Film help add to its Allure.

Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, takes refuge as a winter caretaker of a massive hotel built on top of an indian burial ground.  He brings with him his wife Wendy, played by Shelley Duvall, and his latent psychic son Danny, played by Danny Lloyd.  Danny shares a gift of telepathy with the local cook Dick, played by Scatman Cruthers, who warns him that this old Hotel has a “Shine” the same as the 2 of them.  The Hotel’s “Shining” isn’t always good and in fact can sometimes be bad, so he should be careful, and Stay Away from Room #237.  Danny has been distant with his parents and talks to his imaginary friend.

Cabin Fever starts setting in on Poor Old Jack as his Writing goes nowhere and Violent Outbursts happen more often.  Danny is visited by the Spirits of Twin Girls who’s Father murdered them in a violent Rage with an Ax.  They ask him to come play with them, but their supernatural nature frightens Danny away.  However Jack is comforted by another Spirit Lloyd who was the twin girls father.  Inside Jack’s twisted mind he converses with Lloyd over Drinks at the Bar, but Lloyd remembers nothing about his life or the Murdering of his Family.

With Jack becoming more insane by the day, It’s not long before he attacks the wife and she has to defend herself with a baseball bat.  She knocks him out and locks him in the freezer to keep her and her son safe.  Jack is eventually released by one of the Spirits of the Hotel, and he goes after his son and wife with an Ax.  Dick felt that something was wrong and leaves his vacation to go after them to make sure everything is okay.  Jack takes him out, and chases Danny through the maze.  Danny has been playing in the maze since they arrived at the Hotel, and with some clever back tracking over his own footsteps, he looses Jack in the Freezing Cold in the Maze as Wendy drives them both out of there.

This is My Favorite Ghost Movie of All Time.  There’s so many things that make this Classic great.  If You haven’t seen it you Really should take time to watch it.  If you already have seen it, then treat yourself to the joy of watching it Again.  I Don’t think You will Be disappointed.


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