This is an Idea I had about what to do if Everybody has Already seen The Slasher movies That You are Watching!! Turn the SLASHER MOVIE into a DRINKING GAME.
Here’s what You Do:
Everybody Playing get a Drink!! This can be Either Shots or Beers.
Now Each of You Playing Pick a Charactor from the Movie, Everyone Pick a Different Person and it should be someone who is Killed or is the Killer.
Then Take a Drink When:
Your Charactor is Introduced in the Movie
Your Charactor Drinks Alcohol
Your Charactor Does Drugs
Your Charactor Leaves the Group
Your Charactor Gets Naked
Your Charactor Has Sex
Your Charactor Watches Someone Get Naked (If You’re the Killer)
Your Charactor Watches soemone Have sex (If You’re the killer)
Your Charactor gets Killed
Your Charactor Kills Someone
Your Charactor’s name is said when they Aren’t on Screen

During Chase Scenes:
Both The Killer and The Victim both Try to Down their Drink!! The First to Turn over their empty drink and Stick Out there Tongue showing they Drank it All is The Winner.
The Winner Can take Loser Future Drinks Or Pass Their Future drinks to the Loser.

During Death Scenes:
The Victim that is killed can say the Name of the Next Victim to Die Correctly they can Take a Drink Everytime The Next Victim Takes a Drink. This can Only be done Once.

Everyone Takes a drink When:
The Killer’s house is Shown
Any Part of The Title of the Movie is said During the Movie
Anyone Mentions or Shows Another Horror Movie

Thats it, Have Fun and Get drunk. Hahaha



  1. […] love to write more about Hellworld, but honestly?  It’s fun, it’s perfect for a horror movie drinking game (Maniacs of Horror, you rock for posting that), and the reveal at the end is smarter than the rest […]

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