This is a Quiz dedicated to my favorite kind of monster, the Werewolf, who Unfortunately doesn’t have many Great Movies about them. I like many werewolf movies, but most are silly or just plain horrible. However “An American Werewolf in London” is the exception to the rule! One of the Greatest Horror Movies Ever Made, so here is a quiz devoted to that One movie. I hope you like it.

1. What was the Name of the pub the 2 boys, David and Jake, stopped at in the begining of An American Werewolf In London?

2. What symbol is painted inside of the pub?

3. The 2 boys, David and Jake, joke that the owner of the pub must be from what state?

4. They are told to “Beware the Moon, and keep to the …” what?

5. Who appears and tells him he was attacked by a Werewolf and will become one on the next Full Moon?

6. After his first night of transformation, where does David wake up?

7. What does he take from a little boy, in order to hide being naked?

8. Where does the famous chase scene occur, with David as the werewolf chasing after a business man with a breifcase? (Example- in a park, in a house…)

9. What type of movie is playing when David makes his Final transformation in a movie theater? (Hint- It’s not a kids movie.)

10. Who finally ends up shooting and killing David at the end of the movie?

That’s it 10 questions. Hope you guys like it. Maniacs of Horror rule!!!!!



  1. Spinderella Says:

    ok-I have not actually seen this in a while so this is off the top of my head:

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