Alright I Hosted a Quick MANIACS OF HORROR DRIVE IN/STAY HOME EVENT Featuring THE GIANT GILA MONSTER. This was My Last Night to Host the MOH DRIVE IN/STAY HOME EVENT because Now I’m Turning the Keys of the Drive In Over to JILL THE HELBOUND HEART. There will be Plenty of More MOH DRIVE IN/STAY HOME in the Future and I will be attending Most of them. I’m just giving Jill the Option to Pick the Movies and the Time.

So, as for the Review, THE GIANT GILA MONSTER is a Late 50’s B-Rate Cult Classic. Now Even though this Movie had Much Success at The Drive Ins, that is not where I saw it. I saw this for the 1st time at My Grandmothers House of All places. Now keep in Mind there was 70 Years difference between My Grandmother and Myself, and Through the Whole Movie she kept complaining about how Stupid Modern Movies were not knowing that this Movie even then was a 25 Years Old Black White Rerun Played on a UHF Station on Sunday Afternoon. Hahaha

Despite my Grandmothers Complaints about the Movie I Liked it. It made me think of what my Father’s Life was like when he was a Teenager in the Late 50’s in Southern New Mexico, Particularly the Main Character CHASE.
Like Most of The Giant Creature Movies, or the Sci-Fi Phenomenon Desert Movies the Main story is about the Simple Life that the Small town locals Live In. There is Not a Lot of GIANT GILA MONSTER scenes and when it shown it not doing a Whole lot. He Tears down a Railroad Bridge and goes back to Eat the Screaming passengers, but they don’t show him Eating anything. (Probably didn’t want to harm the Real Gila Monster with Biting Plastic Model People.) Theres a Few Humorous Scenes about the Town drunk, and the Big City Disc Jockey who also ended up There after too much Alcohol. They didn’t find the Consumption of Alcohol I guess Taboo back then. Theres not much of Star Quality in this Movie, but everyone handles their Part respectfully. The Finally was CHASE taking some nitroglycerin Jars in his Hot Rod and Crashing Straight into the GIANT GILA MONSTER. I Know Not Every Maniac would enjoy this Feature, but I have Been wanting to see it again. Thanks for Anyone who watched this, and I hope you get a Chance to Attend More MANIACS OF HORROR DRIVE IN/STAY HOME EVENTS.!/event.php?eid=185312114838086&index=1


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