For a long time I didn’t know the name of this movie. My sister and brother watched this movie when I was a young boy in the early 80’s. I grew up enthused with Horror Movies and knew more about them than most of my friends. However I wasn’t supposed to watch this one because I kept my parents awake with my TCM nightmares just a few years earlier.

 So as my siblings watched this thinking I was asleep, I snuck in and hid behind a couch and watched it.  A few years ago I posted this at MANIACS OF HORROR on Myspace when I was trying to find out its name. A member from across the pond (England) knew it from the few scenes I could remember and told me the name. I eventually left Myspace, started MOH on Facebook, helped a few others find their forgotten movies, and This weekend the Horror Gods smiled upon me. At my local video store, There it was on a combo disc with TWICE DEAD. I have been waiting almost 30 years to see this again, and it was worth it.

Now I’m not saying this is as good as THE SHINING or CARRIE, but If You love 70’s Horror as much as I do, then you will enjoy this movie. It is about psychologist C.J. Arnold played by Richard Crenna and his wife Caroline played by Joanna Pettet buy a rundown mansion in hopes of turning it into a Drug Rehabilitation Center. The doctor brings in a few of students and current patients to help restore it, and bizarre things begin to happen.

The wife is continuously visited by the ghost of the former owner as the husband finds a strange door buried in the ground. He opens the door and releases “The Evil” into the house that traps them all inside and murders them one by one. This was released in the late 70’s so there’s more dialogue than in our modern Horror Movies, but unlike THE AMITYVILLE HORROR there are still a lot of Death scenes with people even bursting into flames. The finale is my favorite where they actually come face to Face with The Devil himself for a showdown. I would say this Horror Movie is on the same level as THE FOG and PHANTASM. It is Released by SHOUT FACTORY on a ROGER CORMAN’S CULT CLASSIC DOUBLE FEATURE with TWICE DEAD from 1988. Look for it and Buy it if you can find it. I give it **** out of 5 Stars.


3 Responses to “THE EVIL 1978 MOVIE REVIEW”

  1. jose antonio rodriguez Says:

    FANTASTIC review Richy I definitely will be watching this 70’s Horror,You just made me REALLY excited to see this after reading your kick-ass review….you little sneak you werent supposed to watch ,you get many points for hiding behind the couch while everyone thought you were sleeping

    • Thanks Jose. Yeah I snuck in, and wait till you see the Devil Scene at the end. That gave me nightmares for many years, and I couldn’t tell anyone where I saw it, because i was supposed to be sleeping. 😉

  2. phillip weber Says:

    I remember this from my childhood as well, sorta. I also had TCM nightmares and was forbidden to watch horror movies afterwards because I smeared Jello all over the floor by the front door in case Leatherface decided to bust through it. My Dad ended up slipping on it and broke his collarbone ( and subsequently my tailbone later!). I’ll check this one out for sure. Funny side note: Richard Crenna was Rambo’s commanding officer in the First Blood movies. You may remember him coming to “rescue” Brian Dennehey from Rambo. Nice review Richy!

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