I Recently purchased this from Movie Trading Company on the 4 Movies for $20 deal, and it was a good buy. The movie was very dark and disturbing but the story seemed a bit jumbled. To me it seemed the writer had 3 different Horror Movie Stories he/she couldn’t write and ending for and threw them all into this film.

It starts off like JOY RIDE with a Young couple driving home from a vacation on a highway at night. To make up some time they fall into a convoy of a semi and another car. Like Many Horror Movies they decide to travel a back road to avoid traffic congestion on the highway. Of Course Bad Things happen on that Backroad, but I don’t want to spoil too much of this for you.
The next scene is a Babysitter Slasher Movie like HALLOWEEN, Where a young woman watches over her 2 Young cousins. She is confused when the high school babysitter was already gone before she arrived to watch the boys. Then there is strange noises heard upstairs while she’s down in the living room. She goes upstairs to investigate but only finds The Creepiest Clown Room you’ve Ever Seen. Again this scene is very suspenseful and creepy, but I don’t want to give too much away.
Then the Movie goes into a House of Horrors feel like PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS when another young woman waits for her friend outside a huge Boarding House. When she asks to see her at the Door a behind the Peephole tells her all the Rooms are Full and goes away. She talks her boyfriend into going inside and looking for her friend, but When he doesn’t return she is forced to sneak in herself. Waiting for her inside is not only her friend, but a Terror like she has never imagined.
The overall story is about 3 childhood friends, the young women from each of the setups, are abducted later in life by a mentally disturbed classmate who emotionally and physically abuses them in his Giant Labyrinth of Terror. There re a few holes in the story, like how a mental patient can afford such an extravagant labyrinth, that are never answered. Still this is certainly not a bad movie, just a little confusing. I would say that it is worth renting and if you can find it for $5 or less buy it. I give it *** out of 5 Stars.


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