New Rules to How to Survive a Horror Movie

 Tell me what you think should be some New rules to how to survive a horror movie. Or just what you scream out at the dumb-asses on the screen during your favorite films. We Know what Jamie Kennedy said in Scream, lets try and think of some others. here’s my examples:

1. Never go in a strangers house. Examples: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The People Under the Stairs


2. Never Say that yiou’re "From Out of Town." Examples: House of 1000 Corpses, Hostel


3. Don’t Look Behind you when you’re running. Examples: Countless Friday 13th, and Friday Rip-Offs


4. Keep Your Car Maintained. Examples: The Hills Have Eyes, Wolf Creek


5. Learn to shoot and carry a gun. Examples: Any Zombie movie.


6. Pay Attention to Your Pets. Examples: Cujo, Lost Boys


7. Be Nice to Nerds and Loners. Examples: Carrie, Willard

8. Don’t dismiss Fables and Urban Legends. Examples: Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street


9. Stay on The Main Road. Examples: The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn


10. Don’t tease the locals. Examples: Pumpkinhead, House of 1000 Corpses


2 Responses to “New Rules to How to Survive a Horror Movie”

  1. phillip weber Says:

    11. Don’t drink excessively and taunt the maniac!!! Seems to be a common trend in a lot of films and the results are never good!

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