Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last 10 Years

This is a simple list of what I believe to be the best Horror Movies of the last 10 years. This list includes NO REMAKES and involves how well the movie was received and how it influenced other films that came afterwards.
10. Cabin Fever
This is a movie about a group of teenagers who go camping (I know pretty common set up) but become infected with a horrible flesh eating virus. It is directed by Eli Roth and stars Rider Strong (Should have been in porn with a name like that). This has plenty of action and drama as those that aren’t infected try to decide what will be done with those that are infected.

9 Death Proof
This is a knock off of those old 70’s Exploitation Films that really holds up to todays cinema. It’s about Stuntman Mike who stalks young women, and finds various ways to kill them using automobile accidents. His car is set up with roll cages and reinforced struts making it Death Proof, and he has learned in his career as a stuntman how to cause crashes with the most fatalities. Directed by Quinten Tarantino and starring Zoe Bell, this movie has the greatest car stunts that has been filmed since the 70’s.

8. Hatchet
This was a 80’s Slasher throw back film, that brought back many of the big names of that era back to work. It’s about the legend of Victor Crowley, a disfigured boy who was raised by his farmer in the swamp, and is accidentally killed when abunch of bullies teasing goes horribley wrong. Years later he arrises from the dead to kill all who enters his swamp home. It stars Robert Englund, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder who is known for playing Jason Vorhees in the Friday 13th movies. This contains the most amazing graphic gorey deaths, that have come out in a long time.

7 Joy Ride
This one is a great twist on the whole “someones out for revenge” horror genre. Two brothers are traveling across country and decide to mess with the truckers on their CB radio. Well their jokes fail when one called Rusty Nail takes major offence to their teasing and they flee for thier lives. This film starres Steve Zahn, Paul Walker and Leelee Sobieski. The suspence and horror are nearly unbarrable when deep voiced Rusty Nail starts turning the tables on the 2 jokers and thier female friend.

6 28 days later
A new idea about how the Zombie Movie should be taken from now on , in horror films. This is more about being alone in a new world of infected citizens, than about shoot em up “Zombie wants Brains” works that the genre has been for many years. The best horror film to come out of Great Britian in way too long.

5. May
I freaking love this movie. This is a social outcast movie, like Carrie from the 70’s, that really makes you feel for the main charactor. May is an awkward young girl who never ‘fit in’ in school, and barely socializes as a young adult. Growing up her mother told her “If you can’t find a friend, then make one.” She does this litterally after her newfound friends betray her, and she kills them keeping pieces of each of them that she likes the most. At the end of the film she creates a rag doll of sorts, made up of her old friends various parts that she calls AMY.

4. Otis
This is a new look at abduction/revenge Horror films. Otis is an overwieght loser, who is living in the shadow of his older successfull brother. He falls infatuated with various young teenage women whom he dresses up like cheerleaders in his torture basement, and makes perform out various highschool fantasies. The is even a sick twist of humor involved when the parents find out who he is, sort of and go to extract revenge. the end up taking out their vengance on Otis’ brother instead of him.

3. Hostel
Quite possibley the sickest movie, that has had a huge blockbuster grossing week-end. This film is about 2 friends who travel through Europe trying to have a summer they will never forget. Well that was an understatement, when they are sent to a war-torn country with the promise of easy beautiful women. Actually it’s a set up for a society of murderers that have rich people pay to kill innocent victims. The violence in this one is extreme to say the least, so don’t watch if you have a week stomache.

2. Saw
Even with it many sequels, the first of this series was ground breaking and inventive. This film is a who- done-it and torture horror film. It keeps you guessing until the end, and allows many instances of “how would i react in this situation” reflections. It’s about the Jigsaw killer who captures people and challenges them to overcome their shortcomings to survive his viscious puzzles.

1. House of 1000 Corpses
Rob Zombies directorial debut, and the best movie in 10 years. “Can you tell me anything about the legend of Dr. Satan?” A group of teenagers travel across country writing a book about the off-the-wall places you come across on the highways of America. Thier first place is Captain Spaldings Murder Ride, that tells them about the legend of Dr. Satan, until they are sent to the Firefly Family home where they soon learn first hand all about the viscious doctor. “The Boogie Man’s real, and you found him.” I can’t possibley say enough about this film. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you already have, then watch it again.


2 Responses to “Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last 10 Years”

  1. Chucky Mills Says:

    1. Land of the Dead
    2. The Devil’s Rejects
    3. Shaun of the Dead
    4. Survival of the Dead
    5. Dawn of the Dead Remake
    6. Survival of The Dead
    7. House of 1000 Corpses
    8. Slither
    9. Quarantine
    10. Planet Terror

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