This throwdown is between 2 of the greatest Slasher Movies of all Time!! There the Late 70’s HALLOWEEN with the Faceless Evil Michael Myers, or the Camp Crystal Lake Horror FRIDAY THE 13TH!! So if you had these 2 Classics infront of you, which would you watch?



  1. HALLOWEEN!!!!! It is the best horror movie EVER!!!

  2. Thats 1 Vote for HALLOWEEN and No Votes for FRIDAY THE 13TH, Yet!!

  3. Chucky Mills Says:

    Have to go with Jason. Friday the 13th.

  4. That Ties it Up!! 1 Vote for HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH!!

  5. Dahn ofthe Dead Says:

    Halloween!! One of the greatest slasher films ever..

  6. That makes it 2 Votes for HALLOWEEN and 1 Vote for FRIDAY THE 13TH!!

  7. Jill Hellbound Heart Says:

    Friday the 13th!

  8. That Ties it Back Up at 2 Votes each for FRIDAY THE 13TH and HALLOWEEN!!

  9. zachary singleton Says:

    both……..i love all horror movies

  10. Halloween is the best horror movie EVER!!

    • Thanks Leslie, You actually answered this back in April. I reposted on Facebook to get a few more hits. Thank you for answering, You Rule!

  11. ASHPOWER!!! Says:

    This is a very hard one because I love Jason and I love Michael. I would have to go with Halloween. Came before Friday the 13th so it wins.

  12. Friday the 13th is da best

  13. Thats 3 for Halloween and 3 for Friday the 13th.

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