Alright, We All Have Known this Feud for Many Years!! Hell Most of Us Probably went and Saw the Movie for This at the Theatres!! (A Damn Good Movie If you Ask Me!!)
So In One Corner We Have The Unstoppable Killing Machine JASON VOORHEEES!!
In The the Other Corner, We Have The Maniacal Sadist who Can Alter Reality, FREDDY KRUEGER!!
So Who Is Your Favorite?!



  1. Dahn ofthe Dead Says:

    Jason… He would destroy Freddy.

  2. Thats 1 Vote for JASON and No Votes yet for FREDDY!!

  3. Jill Hellbound Heart Says:


  4. Thats 2 Votes for JASON and No Love for the KRUEGER!! Hahaha

  5. phillip weber Says:

    Tough one….based on the fact that Freddy attacks while you sleep I gotta give it to him. As powerful as Jason is, even he has to sleep.

  6. If we’re just talking favorites, then it’s Jason hands down! Freddy is fine and helped take the horror genre to a different level, but I still have trouble with liking a movie maniac that killed little kids for fun. Jason, on the other hand, WAS the victim of neglect and abuse. GO JAY!

  7. Thats 3 Votes for JASON and 1 Vote for FREDDY

  8. SebastianKane Says:

    I gotta go with Jason!!

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