My Wife Crystal Brought this Home from Redbox and it was a Pleasant Find. It’s a Lionsgate Ghosthouse Production which is a Descent Suggestion that it will be a Good Movie. If You want a Brief Synopsis I would call it THE HILLS HAVE EYES in NYC Subway or WRONG TURN meets THE WARIORS.

The Story is 4 men at the End of a Bachelor Party ride the Subway with 2 Strippers. They Mistakenly get Off the Train at an Abandoned Terminal, and the Conductor Unknowingly Leaves them There. They Find the Exit is Chained and Locked. Their Only Option is to Walk down the Tunnels to the Next Terminal. One of the Members of the Bachelor party and a Stripper stay behind to make Out. Typical Horror Movie Scenario.
Now Like I said, this is a Kind of Hills Have Eyes twist to it, While they are walking Down in the Tunnels They Run across a Band of Cannibal Vagrants. There’s a Lot of Shakey Camera work During the Action Scenes, So If that Annoys You Don’t Watch This One. Still Descent Story, Good suspense and character Thinking through out The Film. Except When the Group came Stumbling upon All the Bad Guys Weapons and LEFT THEM THERE. Now What do we the MANIACS OF HORROR do when we Come across Our Enemies weapons? WE TAKE THEM. Even if We can’t Use them Don’t let them Keep Them.
I would give this Movie 21/2 *’s out of 5*’s. Very Enjoyable movie, interesting plot, but the action scenes were a little too chaotic!! It was hard to tell what exactly was Going on during those scenes. I would definitely recommend Renting and if you can find it for $5 I would buy it.



  1. Mike Piekarski Says:

    Thanks again for recommending this film Richy! I really enjoyed it!

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