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Maniacs of Horror Invade Texas Frightmare Weekend

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Alright, myself and 2 other Howling Mad Scare Freaks attended Texas Frightmare Weekend Tonight, Jonthan and Stephen.  It’s a Great turnout of Celebrities at this Convention and Everyone is Being Very Pleasant.  Tonight wasn’t too Crowded but I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

So far I have been able to meet Doug Bradley from the Great HELLRAISER series.  Which is I believe the best series of them all, even though it has the least amount of profit compared to the other top successful series like SAW or FRIDAY THE 13TH.  Bradley’s Portrayal of Pinhead is the most intelligent of any series villains more than  Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers who were primarily massive brutes.  When Bradley screamed “I’ll tear your Soul Apart!” it was the Greatest line ever mentioned by a series villain.

He signed My Copy of HELLRAISER and Made it out “To Richy, See You In Hell, Doug Bradley.”  Then he also was gracious enough to let me get a photo with him. Got to meet the great Doug Bradley in a matter of minutes, this Convention is looking awesome.

Next I drew a number to meet the Great Robert Englund.  Then I wandered around the Convention checking out all the sights and waited for them to say when my group can go up.  Finally I got to get in line and From the instant You enter that line you can hear Robert Englund tell story after story of the Most Random events.  It is great, he talks about who he’s done shows with, what old cast friends of his are doing now, and what he hopes for the future.  I got him to sign my  A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Box Set and he wrote “To Richy, Sleep Kills, Robert Englund”

My Last Stop was at the table for The Cult Japanese film AUDITION.  There was no numbers drawn,just like Doug Bradley a Small simple line for a short period of time.  At the table I got the Autograph of my Favorite Foreign Scream Queen Eihi Shiina.  I Love it because it’s written in Japanese and looks so unique.

It’s odd when you meet Eihi Shiina because she’s so Striking and Beautiful You’re not use to seeing her in everyday surroundings.  She was also kind enough to let me get a picture with her as well.

Today was a Blast, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Talk to you later Maniacs.



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The 80’s Were the Age of Atari, VCR’s and Video Stores at the Corner of Every Neighborhood.  It was the Ahe when Most of The Greatest Horror Movies came out, along with their Sequels.  This is the decade that the Classic turned from Stand-Alone Movies and became Classic Series!!  So toss some Popcorn into the Microwave, kick off your High-tops and tell me what are your TOP 10 HORROR MOVIES OF THE 80’S.

Here’s mine:












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The 80’s Brought us Multiple Horror Movies containing Gruesome Gore and Outlandish Events.  In this Throwdown I’m pitting 2 of the Best examples of this Description.  First we have THE EVIL DEAD with the Great Bruce campbell, or RE-ANIMATOR with the Iconic Jeffrey Combs.  If you had Both of these great 80’s Classic in front of You, which would you watch?


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We All Know the 70’s Brought Us  Bell-Bottoms, Shag Carpeting & Disco, But in My opinion it Also brought out the Greatest Horror Movies.  It launched the careers of Many of the Icons of Horror Including Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Berryman.  So Jump In your Love Van, Turn Up the 8 Track, Cruise down to your Local Drive-In and Tell me what are Your TOP 10 HORROR MOVIES FROM THE 70’S.

Here’s Mine:












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This is a Throwdown between 2 of the Greatest Stephen King Novels made into Movies.  Theres the Poor Little Weirdo with the Heart of Gold and wrath from hell in CARRIE, or the stir Crazy “Daddy’s trying to Kill us” 80’s Movie THE SHINING.  Both great Horror Films with lots of Action, Drama and Suspence!!  So, Which of These 2 Gems are Your Favorite?


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This is a Review of One of the Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time, George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  This was The First of the Great Zombie Series from George A. Romero, even though the Term Zombie is Never Used in this Movie.  Like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE this movie got a lot of criticism from critics so it was primarily had a Drive In release and became a Cult Classic through word of mouth.

The Movie starts off with brother and sister, Barbra and Johnny go to visit their Grandfathers grave.  At the Grave they are attacked by a old pale man, who eventually kills Johnny.  Barbra makes it back to the car and slowly gets away by putting it in Neutral and coasting down a hill.  There’s great tension as the old man beats at the car window with a rock. 

She escapes to an old abandoned farmhouse where she finds the corpses of the owners inside and is terrified enough to head back outside!!  Outside she finds more pale ghouls, or “zombies” as they are refered to in later installments by Romero. Suddenly the Hero of the Movie, Ben played by Duane Jones, arrives in a pickup truck and gets her back inside to hold themselves up until they can think of a plan!!  Barbra becomes catatonic as Ben Runs around boarding up the windows and doors.

After securing their new hide out, Ben investigates the rest of the house and finds more people are hidden in the cellar.  Down there is the Cooper parents and their Daughter Karen along with a young couple Tom and Judy!!  Also they find a radio that Ben finds an emergency bulletin that states the epidemic is taking over the entire east coasts.  After hearing the news Harry Cooper the father and Ben argue about whether to stay down in the cellar.  Harry states it’s the safest place in the house, but Ben says without an exit it is a deathtrap.  Ben Convinces Tom and Judy to join him and Barbra upstairs but the Coopers retreat back to the basement.

Upstairs They find a Television that tells of Safe Zones throughout the Nation.  Ben decides their best bet will be to take his Truck to the Nearest safe zone, but they will need fuel.  He and Tom make a dash for the pickup and drive it to the farmhouse pump as Harry throws Malitov cocktails from the upstairs windows.  Judy worries for Tom at the Pump and runs out to save him.  Tom spills some of the gas and the truck goes up in flames, Tom and Judy drive it away from the pump before it explodes killing them both.

Harry in a moment of cowardice betrays Ben by locking the door keeping him outside.  Ben has to kick down the door and beats the crap out of Harry for leaving him to die.  Then on the tv the  news broadcasts that a gunshot or severe damage to the brain will kill the animated corpses, which is the main idea on how to defeat them in all the Romero Zombie Movies. 

While Ben is listening to the broadcast Harry gets Ben’s rifle and threatens to shoot him while he fends off several zombies.  Ben wrestles the gun away from Harry and shoots him as the zombies attack Barbra and Helen through the windows.  Ben crawls downstairs dying from his wounds to check on his daughter one last time.

Helen breaks free from the zombies and makes her way as well to the cellar.  There she finds her daughter Karen has turned from the bite on her arm and is now eating the corpses of her dead father.  Helen in tear filled desperation has to kill her own daughter with a trowel to the head. 

Outside Barbra sees her brother Johnny amongst the other zombies and is carried away, her fate unknown by the viewing audience.  Ben has to eventually retreat to the very cellar he claimed was a Deathtrap.  Down there he must kill a reanimated Harry and Helen before securing himself until morning.  He is awoken with a posse coming up to the farmhouse.  He attempts to escape the cellar through a window, and when the posse sees him they mistakenly think he’s a zombie and shoots him in the head.  the Movie ends with him being burned on a pile of other destroyed zombies.

Now I’m sure Most of you have already seen this Great Film, but you would be surprised who has only heard about it. This isn’t one that you only need to know about, you really should watch this one for yourself.  There’s a lot of great acting and dialogue throughout the film, and this is the film that made George A. Romero a house hold name.  The next time you see this coming on late at night, don’t pass it up!!  Give it a watch, and you will be Entertained.

Charactor Review JASON VOORHEES

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I thought instead of reviewing a Horror Movie, I would Review a Horror Movie Charactor.  With Friday the 13th of May  just a Few weeks Away I thought it would be cool to review the Icon JASON VOORHEES.  He is One of My favorite because he has evolved so much from his original perception.

In the Original FRIDAY THE 13TH Jason was just seen as a Nightmare apparition at the end of the Movie.  He wasn’t the killer as almost All of Us Maiacs know, he was just a corpse of a small boy who drowned in the lake while some camp counselors made out.

In the Sequel we see that Jason never drowned but must have been saved by someone (most likely his mother) and has been Living as a Wild Man Hermit in the Woods.  He saw his Mother Killed for trying to Punish those responsible for Jason’s swimming accident.  His Grief caused him to take up her fight and Kill the Cursed in Counselors.  By the End of the Movie Jason is still alive, But No Hockey Mask yet.  He’s a living deformed Full Grown Man, who wears a Sack Over his Head.

It wasn’t until the 3rd Movie that Jason put on the Old Hockey Mask.  It was also in this movie when we first see Jason as a Unstoppable Killing Machine.   He’s still mortal, but he feels no pain and has a one track mind for killing.  This is also the 1st and only Movie in the Series to be released in 3-D.  This is also Many of the Fan’s favorite in the Series.  At the end of the Movie Jason is Presumed Dead.  So for those who are Keeping Track, that’s still Mortal, but Now Has a Hockey Mask.

In the 4th Movie we Find Out that Jason’s wounds he sustained in the 3rd Movie were Not in fact lethal.  He’s still alive and Bloodthirsty as ever.  This Movie also reinstates his Connection to Camp Crystal Lake, because he returns there rather than releasing his Bloodlust apon the City when he rises out of the Coroners Morgue.  By the End Jason is Killed by a Young Boy who understands him, sort of, and tricks him into letting his gaurd down.  I guess thats why they call it The Final Chapter.

The 5th Movie doesn’t really need to be Mentioned in this review, because this review is about JASON VOORHEES.  Jason is Not Really in this Movie and is Dead.  Howeverhis Legend Lives on in the Insanity of a Different Camp Crystal Lake Lunatic. So at the end of this Movie Jason is still mortal, and still dead.

O.K. In the 6th Movie we see the Basis of the JASON VOORHEES that we all know and Love Today, the undead murdering monster.  At the Begining of this Movie we see Jason get resurrected by a bolt of lightning.  How cool is that.  Jason goes on his usually killing spree of teenagers through out the movie.  Towards the end Jason is Trapped at the Bottom of the Lake but Not Destroyed.

In the 7th and 8th Movie Jason basically stays the same as he was in the 6th one.  He is released from his Prison by a psychic girl in the 7th, who breaks his chain around his neck keeping him at the bottom of the lake.  He rises up and his killing ways start again.  At the end he is brought down in a showdown with the psychic girl.   The 7th Movie also brings forth Kane Hodder who is one the most famous Jason Actors.

 In the 8th Jason is resurrected by an anchor cutting into a powerline and shocking him back to life.  Jason rises up and kills the couple on the Boat, then floats down “river?” (It’s Camp Crystal LAKE not river but oh well) to the harobor where a high school field trip is heading to New York City.  That Many lustfull teenagers is just too much for Jason to resist, so he climbs aboard and heads to the Big Apple.  However by the end of this One Jason is Disovled by Toxic Waste, which makes me wonder how he comes back for the next movie.

Although one of my Least favorite movies in the FRIDAY THE 13TH series, the 9th Movie JASON GOES TO HELL he does Evolve again, But ONLY for THIS MOVIE.  Jason is coaxed out of hiding at Camp Crystal lake by a seductive young woman who has him chase her into a field.  Jason is then surrounded by a SWAT team and Blown apart.  Again at the Morgue he is resurrected, but this time it’s by a mortician possessed to eat his black heart.  That makes him a mindless thrall for the Jason spirit to continue his killing from beyond the grave.  In this Movie the Jason mythos say he’s a Demon Worm that can transfer from person to person until it reaches a female from his family which will resurrect him completely.  He eventually finds the corpse of his long dead mother and is born again but then is sucked down to hell, where the Demon worm thing came from in this movie.  This movie really doesn’t tie to any of the other movies.

In JASON X the 10th Movie, Jason gets Captured and held by the U.S. Millitary in Hopes of Cloning him into an unstoppable front line for the Army.  He is cryogenically frozen and is taken into space!!  Apon awakening Jason goes back to his old slasher ways and is again revamped with a few cybernetic enhancements by a futuristic robotic surgical device.  This was the last of the Original FRIDAY THE 13TH series and it does redeem itself a bit from the 2 previous films.

Jason makes another appearance in the Crossover movie FREDDY VS. JASON.  In this Movie Jason exists in his own corner of Hell, resting until he is resurrected by Freddy Krueger posing as Jason’s Mother Pamela Voorhees instructing Jason to rise up and attack the Naughty Children of Elm Street.  Jason does as he’s told but he kills Too Much for Freddy’s Liking in reality.  So Freddy possesses one of the teenagers and sedates Jason taking him into His Nightmare World.  He is eventually returned to reality along with Freddy at the end of the Movie.   They have a Final Showdown and Jason returns to his Slumber.

Finally Jason has come back in the FRIDAY THE 13TH Remake.  In this one he’s simillar to how he was in the 2nd and 3rd movie.  He is a Mortal, he’s seen his mother killed for trying to punish the naughty counselors, and even has his hockey mask.  He is supposedly killed by the end of the Movie, but the word is they are working on a sequel for this remake.

I wonder how they might adapt JASON VOORHEES, the most Evolving Horror Movie Charactor.